Me & Mine | August

Wow August you flew by in a flash! We have had so much fun this month in the lovely weather, we really have tried to make the most of it, but time goes so quick its become apparent we haven't done half the things we had planned to this summer and now its soon coming to an end. In September Isla starts pre school and that just blows my mind if I'm honest, she is so ready for it and that does help me a little bit, so we have been spending the last week getting ready for that by talking about it and also shopping for new bits! August has been a good month for us, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary, we have been sorting loads of wedding bits out, we have been spending a lot of time at the beach and Perry started his new job! We have also spent the last few weeks decluttering the house, I always find I do it at this time of the year before we get into Autumn, I like to sell lots of the kids stuff to make room and money for Christmas - yes I did just drop the C word! 

Mummy & Me | August

Wow August has flown by in a flash! How is it September soon!? This month I have actually made an effort to get some photos so thought I would join in again as I really do love this linky, and now that Daddy has a new job it will make getting photos even more possible - yay! 

These photos are from a recent visit to the beach on an early morning before Daddy had to head to work, we packed up our things and headed to the beach with a picnic so we could have some snacks and we all had a great time! I asked Perry to take some photos of me and the kids, and I don't know if I am the only one but I always vision what I would like the photos to come out like and then when I get the camera back and look they aren't anything like I visioned haha! But they are better than nothing right? 

Staying Healthy As A Parent

As a Mum I absolutely love taking my children on days out, watching them explore and learn new things, whether it be going to the park, having a adventure in the woods, playing on the beach, the list goes on. But what comes with that is you as a parent being on the go all the time, constantly watching your children and running around after them and playing with them too. We are also into our waterspouts and that can be really tiring when you have young children to be running around after and looking after them, we love going out on our boat but at the end of the day it can leave me feeling exhausted!

Since Archie started walking I now spend so much time running around with him, lets just say the park is a bit of a nightmare at the moment with me taking both children on my own. The park is so busy due to the schools being out and also the good weather we have been having, I don't know if I am coming or going with chasing after Archie and keeping a watchful eye on Isla, then comes pushing them both on the swings at the same time! You could say I don't get a chance to sit down at the moment, I'm just constantly on the go all the time and that is why it is so important for us parents to protect our bones and muscles, you can easily do so by just adding some Hellenia's collagen powder to your water or juice, so perfect to have in the mornings so you are ready for the busy day ahead playing with your children. It will also help keep you feeling energised throughout the day as well which is a must for us busy Mums and Dads, I know that I could definitely do with keeping energised and I can also protect my bones and muscles at the same time too with this supplement. If your like me and find yourself turning to coffee and energy drinks - which are bad for you then why not give a more natural supplement a try? 

I know I definitely want to be able to chase after the kids and not feel tired and achy at the end of the day, I never knew you could so easily add a supplement into your diet. It is perfect for a Mum like me as I love to be out exploring with the children all the time whenever we get the chance.

Beef Tacos | Tefal Cook4me Connect

This is the first meal we cooked in our Tefal Cook4me and I have to say it got a huge thumbs up! It was so easy to use and even I could follow the instructions! So the first thing I did was look up the recipe on the app on my iPhone and went shopping to get all the ingredients - or should I say sent the partner to the shop to get the ingredients while I sat at home staring excitedly at the machine!

I got out the ingredients for the recipe so it was all to hand and easy to grab, for this ingredient for 4 people you will need: 

- 0.5 tsp of vegetable oil
- 500g of lean beef mince
- 150g of finely chopped onion
- 30g of taco packet seasoning mix
- 400g of canned chopped tomatoes 
- 1 tbsp of tomato puree 
- 100ml of water
- Grated cheese
- Salt and pepper
- Taco shells (we used soft tortilla boats instead)
- Lettuce

Autumn/Winter Wishlist For The Kids

Well its that time of the year again, summer will be over soon and the crisp autumnal days will start to arrive, along with it a new wardrobe for the children. Both of them will be needing new clothes so I couldn't help myself and have already started to browse online for staple pieces for their wardrobes. 

I had a look at the Ralph Lauren sale as kids grow so quick I can never justify paying full price on designer brands and was surprised how much I could find, these are some of my favourites for Isla and Archie. 

I picked out this grey zip up hoodie, it looks so cosy and I am a sucker for anything grey - I also love the hot pink horse logo on it as well. Hoodies are so good for layering so I always make sure the kids have plenty.

Isla picked out this one because pink is her favourite colour, I must admit it does look very cosy and warm. I love letting her pick out her own things as well and online its so much easier to do than around the shops!

For Archie I picked out a cosy pull over jumper, mainly because he would undo the zip and throw the jumper on the floor otherwise. I love the colour of the blue as well, he has a similar jumper in that colour and he really suits it. 

I then picked him out these shoes, how cosy do they look with the fleece on the inside! Perfect for this winter coming, they also have the velcro on the top making them nice and easy to get on his wriggly feet.

Tefal Cook4me Connect | An Overview

Wow wow wow what can I say... I have never been a good cook, I cant say I enjoy it that much and I always find recipe books hard to follow. I love baking cakes and all the sweet stuff but when it comes to meals I always get stuck, I think mostly because we get bored of eating the same thing and so trying to think of new ideas to cook can feel like a chore. I was sent this Tefal Cook4me Connect a week ago and can say I have fallen in love with a kitchen gadget! It is honestly the perfect machine for a busy Mum like me, it has opened a whole new door to cooking dinners for my family and I actually look forward to cooking now!? So what is it? Its a pressure cooker and can cook nutritious food in a matter of minutes! Yep thats right in just a few minutes you can cook a meal for your family, up to 6 portions to be exact!

That Moment When You Catch Your Toddler...

Recently my 2 have been getting into things they shouldn't and I catch them doing all sorts in all different places, I thought to myself surely this cant just be happening to me, so I turned to some fellow Mummy bloggers and got some of their stories to share with you all here. 

So that moment when you catch your toddler...

... Drinking the last of Daddys Budweiser in the garden while I was washing up, he had the biggest smile on his face and he wouldn't let go of that bottle either! Uh oh.  - Me

... Saying she has made you a cake, until you hear the noise of the oven door so you run to the cooker and yep there was a play doh cake in the oven! - Me 

... Lying on the baby as he was trying to give him a kiss/cuddle - Yummy Blogger 

... Painting himself head to toe in green paint - My Little Babog 

... Being quiet and spending the next 30 seconds running around trying to find them with every sort of scenario running through your head, because you have seen too many toddler memes of cream covered sofas to find they are actually sitting reading a book - The Mum Diaries

... Playing hide and seek, and her new favourite spot to hide is in the tumble drier... every time! - Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something 

... Throwing your keys down the toilet! - Emma & Family

... Smothered in Sudocream and smearing it all over their bedroom! - Emma Plus Three

... Emptying a whole pack of wet wipes - Chilling With Lucas

... Your plant-based toddler tucking into Granny dogs big bowl of dog food! - Finding Tori

... Smearing your £30 bottle of Estee Lauder foundation all over the patio doors - Rock and Roll Pussycat

... When your neighbours are playing in the garden, the other neighbours are walking nicely into their house with their toddler listening lovely, I look back and say "Aw Z don't eat the hedge" - First Time Valley Mam