Autumn/Winter Wishlist For The Kids

Well its that time of the year again, summer will be over soon and the crisp autumnal days will start to arrive, along with it a new wardrobe for the children. Both of them will be needing new clothes so I couldn't help myself and have already started to browse online for staple pieces for their wardrobes. 

I had a look at the Ralph Lauren sale as kids grow so quick I can never justify paying full price on designer brands and was surprised how much I could find, these are some of my favourites for Isla and Archie. 

I picked out this grey zip up hoodie, it looks so cosy and I am a sucker for anything grey - I also love the hot pink horse logo on it as well. Hoodies are so good for layering so I always make sure the kids have plenty.

Isla picked out this one because pink is her favourite colour, I must admit it does look very cosy and warm. I love letting her pick out her own things as well and online its so much easier to do than around the shops!

For Archie I picked out a cosy pull over jumper, mainly because he would undo the zip and throw the jumper on the floor otherwise. I love the colour of the blue as well, he has a similar jumper in that colour and he really suits it. 

I then picked him out these shoes, how cosy do they look with the fleece on the inside! Perfect for this winter coming, they also have the velcro on the top making them nice and easy to get on his wriggly feet.

Afterwards I had a look in the Tommy Hilfiger sale, we all have a lot of their clothes and they wash up so well so I had to have a look and see what I could find for the kids for the colder weather. I found these lovely skinny jeans for Isla, they are the only style she can wear and I also loved the colour of them too. Because she turns 4 in December I need to start getting her age 4-5 so these are perfect.

Another grey jumper? See I told you I'm a sucker for that colour haha! But how adorable is this sweater style jumper. It looks really warm too and would look good with those jeans as well as an outfit. 

I must be a bit more adventurous with the colours I pick out for Archie, its only just occurred to me haha. This caught my eye at the top of the page, I think it was the colour. Its a padded gilet which would be perfect for Autumn and next Spring, he can wear a hoodie underneath it or even a long sleeve top on warmer days.

Long sleeve tops are a must for the winter, I love this red one for Archie, his blonde hair and his blue eyes really pop against the colour red. I also think this would look really nice under the gilet too.

So there is my autumn / winter wish list for the kids. I really enjoy browsing online and getting bargains in the sales. It probably won't be long before I am doing another wish list, I just love to shop - a little too much if you ask my partner! 

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  1. Ooh I am loving your choices, and I love the shoes you picked for Archie. I'm also a sucker for grey haha but I also really like the red t-shirt. Both my boys suit red really well.. I think I'm going to have to go and have a sneak peek! x


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