Staying Healthy As A Parent

As a Mum I absolutely love taking my children on days out, watching them explore and learn new things, whether it be going to the park, having a adventure in the woods, playing on the beach, the list goes on. But what comes with that is you as a parent being on the go all the time, constantly watching your children and running around after them and playing with them too. We are also into our waterspouts and that can be really tiring when you have young children to be running around after and looking after them, we love going out on our boat but at the end of the day it can leave me feeling exhausted!

Since Archie started walking I now spend so much time running around with him, lets just say the park is a bit of a nightmare at the moment with me taking both children on my own. The park is so busy due to the schools being out and also the good weather we have been having, I don't know if I am coming or going with chasing after Archie and keeping a watchful eye on Isla, then comes pushing them both on the swings at the same time! You could say I don't get a chance to sit down at the moment, I'm just constantly on the go all the time and that is why it is so important for us parents to protect our bones and muscles, you can easily do so by just adding some Hellenia's collagen powder to your water or juice, so perfect to have in the mornings so you are ready for the busy day ahead playing with your children. It will also help keep you feeling energised throughout the day as well which is a must for us busy Mums and Dads, I know that I could definitely do with keeping energised and I can also protect my bones and muscles at the same time too with this supplement. If your like me and find yourself turning to coffee and energy drinks - which are bad for you then why not give a more natural supplement a try? 

I know I definitely want to be able to chase after the kids and not feel tired and achy at the end of the day, I never knew you could so easily add a supplement into your diet. It is perfect for a Mum like me as I love to be out exploring with the children all the time whenever we get the chance.

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