That Moment When You Catch Your Toddler...

Recently my 2 have been getting into things they shouldn't and I catch them doing all sorts in all different places, I thought to myself surely this cant just be happening to me, so I turned to some fellow Mummy bloggers and got some of their stories to share with you all here. 

So that moment when you catch your toddler...

... Drinking the last of Daddys Budweiser in the garden while I was washing up, he had the biggest smile on his face and he wouldn't let go of that bottle either! Uh oh.  - Me

... Saying she has made you a cake, until you hear the noise of the oven door so you run to the cooker and yep there was a play doh cake in the oven! - Me 

... Lying on the baby as he was trying to give him a kiss/cuddle - Yummy Blogger 

... Painting himself head to toe in green paint - My Little Babog 

... Being quiet and spending the next 30 seconds running around trying to find them with every sort of scenario running through your head, because you have seen too many toddler memes of cream covered sofas to find they are actually sitting reading a book - The Mum Diaries

... Playing hide and seek, and her new favourite spot to hide is in the tumble drier... every time! - Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something 

... Throwing your keys down the toilet! - Emma & Family

... Smothered in Sudocream and smearing it all over their bedroom! - Emma Plus Three

... Emptying a whole pack of wet wipes - Chilling With Lucas

... Your plant-based toddler tucking into Granny dogs big bowl of dog food! - Finding Tori

... Smearing your £30 bottle of Estee Lauder foundation all over the patio doors - Rock and Roll Pussycat

... When your neighbours are playing in the garden, the other neighbours are walking nicely into their house with their toddler listening lovely, I look back and say "Aw Z don't eat the hedge" - First Time Valley Mam

... Trying to empty a potty containing a mammoth turd into the toilet by herself when I thought she was asleep! - Whinge Whinge Wine

... Painting her toe nails... and the carpet! - Twinderelmo

... Using a stone as a doppler and listening to "his baby" - Dear Little Lucas

... You take your eyes off your toddler for a second in Tesco whilst bending down to retrieve the baby's dummy from under a shelf, only to get up and find he's taken most of his clothes off - Two Little Paines

... Squeezing blue paint directly onto her baby Brothers face! - Whimsical Mumblings

... After he'd emptied a whole pack of cotton buds onto the floor, his face summed up how happy he was - Me and B Make Tea 

... Looking like they are making a snow angel in a bags worth of flour they have upended on the kitchen floor! - Sophie and Lily

... Using the laundry basket and a spatula in bed as a boat when she was meant to be sleeping - 
What Mummy Thinks

... Your toddler drags a step stool to the key storage hooks, climbs up, selects the correct key, fits it into the correct lock to the front door, unlocks and opens it.. Whilst stark naked! - Pinks Charming

... Saying to themselves "mouse nap in garden shhh" (The cat had killed a mouse and left it on the lawn) - Clare's Little Tots

... You realise you left the safety catch off the sun cream, "Mummy Ive done my suncream" - Sensory Sensitive Mummy

... Gelling his hair with Vaseline! - That Lancashire Lass

... Had used up loads of rolls of tissue paper and dumped it into the toilet bowl - Reimer and Ruby

... One of the twins had a poop and decided he wanted to clean it himself, cue full packet of wet wipes all over the lounge and poop smeared carpet! - Mum Dad Plus 4

... At the NCT group get together when all the other babies were playing nicely on the lawn, mine had found something more interesting to play with! - The Sparkle Nest

... Emptying the entire box of washing powder (that you just bought in bulk) all over the kitchen floor - The Hearty Life

... Tattooing her arm with paint - Happy Mummy

... Cutting not only her hair but her Brother's hair too! - Emmy's Mummy

... Putting potatoes in the washing machine - Mummy and Monkey's

So there we have it, at least I can now say I'm not the only one! What crazy things have you caught your toddler doing? Looking at all these posts you cant help but laugh at the things our little toddlers get up to! Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did. 

Best of Worst


  1. Haha love this!! Aren't kids delightful xx

    1. I love all the things they get up to... once I've got over it haha xx

  2. Love it! Mt niece once used talcum powder to "make it snow like elsa" in her baby brothers room! #bestandworst

  3. Toddlers just so the funniest things! My daughter is always getting herself into lots of mischief. The amount of times that I have foolishly left the talcum powder in her room and come in to a "look mamum ...snow"! #BestAndWorst

  4. Oh you are not the only one honey, I have so many stories lol. Thanks for linking up #bestandworst


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