Sainsbury's TU Clothing For Archie

We recently went to Sainbury's to have a look at the TU clothing range as they had 25% off, Archie needs new clothes for this upcoming autumn / winter so we popped to our local store to have a browse. I managed to pick him up a few bits so I thought I would share them with you as I think they are my new favourites in his wardrobe! You will see from the clothes that we picked up that I am definitely loving the mustard colours and the tribal/woodland type theme for Archie. Everything we bought we got in the size 18-24 months so that they will last as I found the TU range comes up a bit big. So the first thing I picked up were these joggers, they have cuffs on the ankles so even if they are a bit long they wont be dragging on the floor which is fab. I really love the print on them and think they will go with a lot of tops in his wardrobe. These were £6 but with the discount they worked out £4.50!

I next picked up this body warmer for him, I was drawn to the mustard colour and love the navy on it too, its also not massively thick and bulky so its perfect for this weather we are having now without wrapping him up in his big puffy coat! I think this would look sweet with a grey hoodie underneath, dark jeans and his Hunter wellies for a nice autumnal walk! On the badge and buttons it says camping adventures with arrows and a tree which is sweet. It also has a zip underneath the poppers so its nice and cosy, and on the inside its fleecy to add a bit more warmth! This was £10 but with the discount it worked out £7.50, what a bargain!

Mummy & Me | September

September you have flown by in a flash! I don't know if its because Isla is at pre-school now so our weeks are a bit busier, but I seriously cant get over how quick it has gone!? Unfortunately that hasn't left much time for me to get any proper photos with the kids, so I've picked a few from a recent review I done of me and Archie trying out the Suppori sling and then the only decent-ish photos of me and Isla from the weekend at Thetford forest, and believe me there was worse photos and its the best one out of a very bad bunch. While the weeks are flying by I am worrying about trying to cram in enough special time with the kids, and having adventures and making memories, I'm hoping October will slow down a bit otherwise Christmas will feel like its here in a flash, and I'm not quite ready for my baby to turn 4! December is such a bittersweet month for me, I'm excited to count down to Christmas but also wishing it would slow up before my big girl turns another year older! I have to say I am loving this cooler weather and Im so looking forward to winter walks and hot chocolates, hopefully we will have some better photos next month! You will also notice in these photos that I got my hair last! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

A Day At Thetford Forest

On Saturday we decided to visit Thetford Forest in Suffolk as we had always wanted to go and found the perfect weekend to try it out, we packed a picnic loaded the car and off we went for a day of adventure. It is free to get into but you do have to pay parking at £2.20 an hour. When we parked up we got the kids in their wellies and set off to find somewhere to have our picnic as we was all feeling pretty peckish, as soon as we walked in there was a huge field surrounded by out buildings for you to get a yearly pass, pay for your parking, toilets, hire a bike, a cafe and a Go Ape stand to book in. We sat in the shade under a tree and enjoyed our picnic while deciding which way to head first, we see big groups walking over on the right heading into the woods and so we decided to head that was first. While we was walking over you could see everyone in the trees and swinging down the zip wires, it looked really fun and its definitely something id love to do if we came back child free. 

We walked down a path and in the distance Perry could see a sign that said 'Pony Rides' we immediately knew this was something Isla would love to do as she is obsessed with horses and has always asked to go on one. We walked over and there was 2 ponies a black one and a brown one which Isla wanted to ride on, it only cost £4 for a short ride or £8 for a long ride, we opted for the short ride as we wasn't sure how well Isla was going to take to it, but she absolutely loved it! It was her dream come true and I am so glad that she got to go on a pony, it made her day. 

Zazu Animal Soft Toy Comforter | Dex The Dog

We have recently changed Archie's room now he has completely outgrown the baby stage, and one of them things was taking down his mobile on his cot, I was dreading doing this as he loves listening to the music for going to sleep, but it just wasn't practical anymore with him being able to rip it down etc. Thankfully Dex the dog by Zazu has saved the day! He is a soft cuddly toy that holds a brilliant invention inside his belly... a sound module. This module plays 4 songs, waterfall or a heartbeat sound, these sounds automatically switch off after 10 minutes and will then start playing the last song played if baby was to start crying. If you want to manually turn a song back on you simply shake the toy to get the song playing again, its so easy and saves faffing around for buttons etc. 

The sound module also has a volume wheel so you can control how quiet or loud you want the music to be playing for your little one, and you simply select which sound you want to be playing by pressing one of the 6 buttons. The songs are very calming and soothing and usually Archie is fast asleep before the 10 minutes is up! If he wakes in the night the music will automatically play and settle him again, which means Mummy and Daddy get to stay in bed... Win! The heartbeat sound would be perfect for newborns and younger babies, I know my 2 loved this sound when they were new into the world. The module uses 2 AA batteries, we have been using this at night time and nap time for over a month now and its still going strong, unlike our old mobile that id have to change the batteries weekly! It also has a on/off switch, its best to turn it off when not in use otherwise any noise can set it off and you don't want to waste the batteries. 

Siblings | September

My duo have been getting on so well these past few weeks, they seem to enjoy doing everything together, from getting plates out the cupboard for me to do them lunch, to Archie even following Isla to the toilet! They have really started to play together now, not just with the same toy but they will be talking to each other and if they are playing cars they will make them race and hit each other - they think its hilarious. They have found a new joy of exploring together, now that the weather has cooled off a bit we have been enjoying our country walks again, it was so nice that Archie was able to walk too and he loved it screaming 'that' at everything and Isla tells him tree, bird, plane etc its so sweet. Last year he was bundled up in the pram and it just blows my mind how a year can change things and how much these two have bonded together in that time. 

Isla is now in pre-school 2 1/2 days a week, and although I love that quality time with Archie I cant help but notice how much he does seem to miss her, I mean he loves being able to play without having to share the toys but he does go round looking for Isla sometimes. He gets so excited when he knows we are going to go pick her up which is so sweet, I like to get Isla a little treat on a Friday to take when we get her, if its a pack of milky buttons then she will share them with Archie and he also shares his with hers. They love to have the same of everything, which means I'm always having to get two of everything otherwise they get upset, and then things can get quite heated between them. 

Looking at these photos I cant quite believe how big Archie looks next to Isla, you wouldn't think there was 2 years 4 months between them! He is almost as tall as her and when they sit down on the sofa they look the same size! Sometimes they look similar and then other times they look completely different, everyone says different things about them, that Archie looks like me and Isla like Perry, then friends will say the opposite, so let me know what you think? I am so looking forward to the next few months with these two with all the holidays coming up and Christmas is just going to be the best this year! 

The Me and Mine Project

The Suppori Sling Carrier | Review & Giveaway!

Today I have a very exciting post for you all, we was kindly sent a Suppori baby sling carrier to try out and one of you lucky readers will get a chance to win one too! So I bet you are wondering what a Suppori sling carrier is? Its a side sling that can be used from around 6 months until 3 years, it comes in a variety of colours so you will definitely find one to suit you. Its sits horizontally across your body from you shoulder to to your hip which means the weight is evenly supported on your body and helps take the weight of your hip. Baby is kept supported and the spine is supported in the C-curve position with baby's legs being kept supported in the ideal orthopaedic M-shape so their knees are higher than their bottom. Although when Archie wriggles around he can slip his legs down but his bum and lower back are still nice and supported.

It comes in a mesh fabric which makes it suitable for all year round, its nice and breathable meaning no heat builds up between you and your baby, the performance material also does not absorb water which makes this carrier perfect for the pool, sea, beach and even in the shower! The Suppori carrier is very light which makes it perfect to keep in your bag, it comes in a neat little bag so it hardly takes up any room either. The material is so strong, with it only being able to stretch sideways for support but will not stretch long ways meaning its always tight and supportive for you and baby. It comes in a range of sizes meaning you can get a sling to suit you and your size so that makes it even more comfortable for both you and baby.

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus

The new Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus has arrived and we have been putting it to the test the past few weeks and can say that we absolutely love it - and why on earth did we not get one sooner!? Isla is now 3 3/4 and although she can walk far without complaining (due to the fact I don't drive so she has no choice!) she just walks quite slowly, and I like to walk at a fast pace so naturally its hard for me to slow down and it seems to take ages to get everywhere. Now Isla can simply jump onto the buggy board and I can quickly get somewhere if I am in a rush or if we get caught in the rain and need to get home quickly. The new board also features a saddle seat so now Isla has the option to stand up or if she gets tired we can lift the seat up and she can sit down!

I love that the saddle seat can stay on the board if we want to use it in the standing position it means we always have the option between the two, you can also easily remove the saddle if you need to make it more compact when in the car or storing it, also for when you want to fold the board up. I love that the board is nice and big, it makes it a bit more stable for Isla to stand on comfortably.

We are using our buggy board with our single Out 'n' About Nipper 360, it was very easy to fit and I found the website so useful for fitting instructions, you can find your brand of pushchair and how to fit your board here. We also have a Maclaren Techno XT that we are yet to try the board on, but I love that the board can be so versatile and used on pretty much every brand of pushchair, its something that will last a family a long time no matter what pram you use! When using the buggy board on this pushchair you can see it doesn't affect my walking position at all, Isla can stand up happily and can fit her body through the handle bars and can use them for support, also she gets a nice view and we can have a nice conversation too. The board also has a non slip surface so its means she isn't slipping off easily when we go up and down hills, and the big wheels and suspension mean that the ride is nice and smooth for her. The only problem I've found is that going around sharp corners at a incline can make the board jam into the wheels, but this rarely happens and I know how to prevent it now, also going up kerbs is a no no but I simply just ask Isla to jump off, most of the time we will use the board to walk into town or to a supermarket and once we get there she will walk as our town is full of kerbs and steps!

Your 1st Day At Pre-School | A Letter To Isla


So Ive just dropped you off for your very first time at pre-school! I could not of been anymore proud of you this morning, you looked SO grown up in your uniform, you were so excited and happy to get out the door and go, even if it meant we turned up 10 minutes early before they even opened the doors! While we was waiting to go in I felt a mix of emotions - of course I was excited for you to go and have fun, but I also was about to leave you in a new place, with new faces and it made me feel a bit emotional. Although I am so happy that we have made the change by starting you at this new nursery and I know you will do so much better here but still it was new for all of us. We was standing and waiting for you to be called forward to go in, I could feel you nudging my arm to make us move closer to the door so that you would be called next, this was reassuring for me - I knew you was ready, I knew you was ready to fly on your own. Once we moved you was called forward to go in, you walked straight in and didn't even want a kiss goodbye! You looked so grown up, confident and calm, yet so little to me like you will always be my baby in my eyes. I walked round the corner to head home and could see you standing outside in the playground, looking around and taking it all in, I carried on walking home trying not to cry, I had a huge lump in my throat all the way home. 

I know it could of been so much harder if you had cried and not wanted me to go, but I still wanted to cry for how amazing you done and how proud you made me. Archie was upset when we had to leave you and it was hard for us both, but we know you had an amazing time. Today was a big milestone and a start of a new chapter for us all, I cant believe this time next year you will be starting school! I cant even think about that yet, but I want you to know we are going to have an amazing year before you head off to be a big girl. I love you so so much and cant believe the beautiful young girl you are growing up into, you make me feel so happy and proud to be your Mummy and I wish you all the luck at your new adventure at pre-school. 

Love Mum x

My Wild Ones | 18

My two absolutely love the beach, its probably because we spend 90% of our summer at the beach, I think I can say for all four of us that it is our happy place. Growing up I was always at the beach, and also our family hobby is boating so being at the beach is like our second home really. We are lucky to live near a number of beaches so we change it up now and again, but I think this is my favourite one. I took these photos of a recent visit to the beach when Daddy was working late so we could spend the morning chilling out listening to the sea and making sand castles!

This girl loves the beach just as much as I do, she is always asking to go! She loves collecting shells, digging holes or hoes as she calls them - oops. Her confidence has really blossomed this year and its so amazing to see. She is such a little fish and the days when we go swimming in the sea we cant get her out, she loves swimming and floating in her life jacket with her feet up! She's also really taken a interest into the boat and jet bike this year and has been out a few times on both, completely her choice which has been nice

Chicken Korma | Tefal Cook4me Connect

One of our favourite meals is a curry, its a all round favourite in this house so I was super happy to see a chicken korma recipe already programmed onto the Tefal Cook4me connect machine. I had a look at the recipe on my phone using the app and made sure I picked all the ingredients up on our recent weekly shop. I was looking forward to making our own sauce as normally we would buy a jarred sauce for convenience. But I can safely say it was super easy to do in the machine and it tasted really yummy and smelt divine too. So here is how we made it...

For 4 people you will need:
- 12 Chicken wings (or diced chicken breast if you wish)
- 3 tbsp of korma curry paste (jar)
- 150g of chopped onions
- 200ml of coconut milk
- 150ml of chicken stock
- 1 tbsp of chopped fresh coriander (to finish)

When you turn the machine on you have a few options, when you scroll to recipes it conveniently divides the recipes into 3 categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Once you pick your recipe you can select how many people it is for, we always do 4 people and find it is enough to feed 2 adults and 2 toddlers with a little to spare for seconds.

The machine displays all the ingredients you will need so you can get them out ready and measure them all out so they are at hand when you need them, I find this makes the whole cooking process even quicker - its quick as it is!

My Wild Ones | 17

Isla finally learnt to ride her bike, its been a long process so I am so relieved that she can finally do it! I have to admit we found it so frustrating trying to teach her, its such a simple thing to do once you can do it and it was just so hard getting her to grips that you need to pedal forwards not backwards haha! Isla is the sort of child who likes to teach herself, and she gets so frustrated and gives up easily, possibly like me? But it can also be upsetting for us as parents as we try to teach her things but she just doesn't want to know, and that is just the way she is. I would love to sit down and do letters with her etc but she just is not interested one bit, it has to be on her terms. We are so proud and happy that she has finally cracked riding her bike, she even learnt to use her brakes - I guess she had no choice as she went flying down a hill with us shouting pull the brake to her. She is also so very proud that she can now ride her bike, she waited until I said if you learn to ride your bike today I will buy you a bigger better one.... Yep we went out and she did it so it looks like Mummy is buying her a new set of wheels now haha!