A Day At Thetford Forest

On Saturday we decided to visit Thetford Forest in Suffolk as we had always wanted to go and found the perfect weekend to try it out, we packed a picnic loaded the car and off we went for a day of adventure. It is free to get into but you do have to pay parking at £2.20 an hour. When we parked up we got the kids in their wellies and set off to find somewhere to have our picnic as we was all feeling pretty peckish, as soon as we walked in there was a huge field surrounded by out buildings for you to get a yearly pass, pay for your parking, toilets, hire a bike, a cafe and a Go Ape stand to book in. We sat in the shade under a tree and enjoyed our picnic while deciding which way to head first, we see big groups walking over on the right heading into the woods and so we decided to head that was first. While we was walking over you could see everyone in the trees and swinging down the zip wires, it looked really fun and its definitely something id love to do if we came back child free. 

We walked down a path and in the distance Perry could see a sign that said 'Pony Rides' we immediately knew this was something Isla would love to do as she is obsessed with horses and has always asked to go on one. We walked over and there was 2 ponies a black one and a brown one which Isla wanted to ride on, it only cost £4 for a short ride or £8 for a long ride, we opted for the short ride as we wasn't sure how well Isla was going to take to it, but she absolutely loved it! It was her dream come true and I am so glad that she got to go on a pony, it made her day. 

After the pony ride we headed into the woods and came across this huge playground, the photo does not do it justice the slide on the left was so so high! Isla and Daddy went on and they had a blast on all the slides, all the kids were loving the big slide and all of them were so excited. One of the best things about our day was just walking around and stumbling across playgrounds and all sorts of things, it made the day so exciting and special for the children. 

We then spotted the entrance to the stick man trail so it was only right that we went on the hunt, Isla loved following all of the signs, we have been to a Gruffalo trail before but the signs wasn't as easy to follow as they were here. They were the perfect height for Isla to see and follow, it was also exciting having everyone above us flying through the trees on the Go Ape activity. 

In the middle of the stick man trail there was a little activity park, Archie ran straight into the logs and out pops his little head into a spider! There was also a couple of benches for us to sit on and have a little rest, Isla loved climbing up the large ant and exploring around even so that Archie went over and started climbing the ladder all by himself! 

The trail ended at another park, this one being a lot bigger and more suitable for Isla and Archie's age group, there was swings, slides, a sand pit, obstacle course and benches to rest on. Isla loved playing in the sand and lifting the buckets with the chains and tipping all the sand down the chute. Archie loved the swings the most and probably spent around 25 minutes in one! It was so nice to let the children play and sit back on a bench and watch them, there was also no service on our mobiles and if I'm honest it was actually really nice to not be checking my phone all the time and just leaving it in the bottom of the bag. 

How amazing is this tree sculpture! It was Isla that actually spotted it - yes I do actually need to go to specsavers! It was really about the small things at this place, when you looked round in detail you could see things you wouldn't of if you had just glanced around. There are lots of bikes so you cant get to in the moment otherwise you'd get knocked down, but I just found it so nice to see families enjoying time together out in the fresh air. There was so much to take in, and now we know for next time to be more prepared, Isla would of loved having her bike there, a picnic mat is a must too, some people even had pop up gazebos! 

Before heading home we headed back into the woods, Isla loved hiding in the wooden teepee houses made out of logs, we also found a area where you had to follow the sound, there was some musical objects for the children to play in the middle of the woods and although very loud it was a lot of fun! Archie also led us through a small narrow path and we ended up finding another huge field and also a walking trail, its definitely something we want to do when we come back. As we had been there for almost 5 hours we decided to head back to the main field.

This day cost us £14, and that was spent on parking, a latte for Mummy and a Ice cream each for the kids plus fuel money on top which was probably around the £10 mark. But otherwise it was a pretty cheap day out for us, we had a great time and the kids went down to sleep like a dream... and so did Mummy and Daddy! We already cant wait to return, it is definitely somewhere we would like to make a yearly tradition and I think as the kids get older they will love it even more. Have you ever been to Thetford Forest? Id love to know what you think about it.

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  1. I loved your vlog, but this post was really helpful to see prices! It looks very similar to Bedgebury which is local to us, but I think these parks look better!! Lovely photos too xxx


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