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One of our favourite meals is a curry, its a all round favourite in this house so I was super happy to see a chicken korma recipe already programmed onto the Tefal Cook4me connect machine. I had a look at the recipe on my phone using the app and made sure I picked all the ingredients up on our recent weekly shop. I was looking forward to making our own sauce as normally we would buy a jarred sauce for convenience. But I can safely say it was super easy to do in the machine and it tasted really yummy and smelt divine too. So here is how we made it...

For 4 people you will need:
- 12 Chicken wings (or diced chicken breast if you wish)
- 3 tbsp of korma curry paste (jar)
- 150g of chopped onions
- 200ml of coconut milk
- 150ml of chicken stock
- 1 tbsp of chopped fresh coriander (to finish)

When you turn the machine on you have a few options, when you scroll to recipes it conveniently divides the recipes into 3 categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Once you pick your recipe you can select how many people it is for, we always do 4 people and find it is enough to feed 2 adults and 2 toddlers with a little to spare for seconds.

The machine displays all the ingredients you will need so you can get them out ready and measure them all out so they are at hand when you need them, I find this makes the whole cooking process even quicker - its quick as it is!

We used diced chicken breast for this recipe instead of chicken wings, its just a lot easier for the kids to eat and enjoy. I have to say I was a little nervous putting raw meat into the machine and it being ready to eat in just 10 minutes, but it was perfectly white throughout and tasted super yummy.

We added the coconut milk, diced onion, curry paste and stock to the machine and gave it a good stir the machine is still cold at this point, after you add in the chicken and shut the lid making sure its locked and leave the machine to do its magic!

The machine will then pre heat - you can either check the progress of this on the screen of the appliance or you can check on the Tefal Cook4me app on your phone. Once the machine is heated up it will begin to cook, for this recipe it takes 10 minutes and you can also check the progress of the cook time on your app - this was perfect so I could put the rice into the microwave to be cooked so it was all ready at the same time!

You will also get a notification on your phone when your food is ready which is super handy for a busy mum like me, I could be outside in the garden or upstairs and the app will let me know our food is ready. Once it has finished cooking it will then stay warm in your cook4me until you open the lid to serve it which is another handy feature for me.

And the final result... a yummy cooked dinner for all the family to enjoy, its super easy to make in the machine and also creates less washing up which is another reason why I love it so much! We are loving trying out new foods with the Tefal cook4me it has made dinner time so much easier and enjoyable for me too!

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