Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus

The new Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus has arrived and we have been putting it to the test the past few weeks and can say that we absolutely love it - and why on earth did we not get one sooner!? Isla is now 3 3/4 and although she can walk far without complaining (due to the fact I don't drive so she has no choice!) she just walks quite slowly, and I like to walk at a fast pace so naturally its hard for me to slow down and it seems to take ages to get everywhere. Now Isla can simply jump onto the buggy board and I can quickly get somewhere if I am in a rush or if we get caught in the rain and need to get home quickly. The new board also features a saddle seat so now Isla has the option to stand up or if she gets tired we can lift the seat up and she can sit down!

I love that the saddle seat can stay on the board if we want to use it in the standing position it means we always have the option between the two, you can also easily remove the saddle if you need to make it more compact when in the car or storing it, also for when you want to fold the board up. I love that the board is nice and big, it makes it a bit more stable for Isla to stand on comfortably.

We are using our buggy board with our single Out 'n' About Nipper 360, it was very easy to fit and I found the website so useful for fitting instructions, you can find your brand of pushchair and how to fit your board here. We also have a Maclaren Techno XT that we are yet to try the board on, but I love that the board can be so versatile and used on pretty much every brand of pushchair, its something that will last a family a long time no matter what pram you use! When using the buggy board on this pushchair you can see it doesn't affect my walking position at all, Isla can stand up happily and can fit her body through the handle bars and can use them for support, also she gets a nice view and we can have a nice conversation too. The board also has a non slip surface so its means she isn't slipping off easily when we go up and down hills, and the big wheels and suspension mean that the ride is nice and smooth for her. The only problem I've found is that going around sharp corners at a incline can make the board jam into the wheels, but this rarely happens and I know how to prevent it now, also going up kerbs is a no no but I simply just ask Isla to jump off, most of the time we will use the board to walk into town or to a supermarket and once we get there she will walk as our town is full of kerbs and steps!

If your child becomes tired of standing up you can quickly and easily put the saddle up in a matter of seconds so the child can then sit down while you carry on walking. At the front of the saddle is a little handle so your child can hold onto it for support, the saddle is textured so it provides some grip so your little one isn't sliding off of the seat all of the time. Your child must sit facing outwards, and this works quite well with our pushchair as Isla can use the back of Archie's seat to lean on a little bit. When the pushchairs seat is fully reclined it means we are unable to use the saddle on the buggy board, and space on the board is also limited for standing too. Thankfully Archie doesn't mind as we recline him as much as we can to enable Isla to stand when she really wants to, but this may be a problem for younger children in the pushchair if you have the same sort of style as the Out 'n' About.

Isla fits comfortably on the saddle seat, she absolutely loves having the option to stand or sit down, it also means she can eat while on the go as she can happily sit down and eat at the same time which definitely helps make trips a lot more peaceful haha. Since she started pre school this has become a must as 9/10 mornings we are in a rush to get her there on time!  I also find that my nappy bag does get in the way if Isla does want to sit down, so I'm looking to get a rucksack so I can just wear it to prevent this from being a problem. Id also recommend that if you are wanting to use the board on 2 pushchairs that you invest in a second set of adaptors to make the process quicker, that way both pushchairs are ready to go when you need them!

A big perk of the buggy board is having the option to fold it up when its not in use by using the strap that comes with the board, we are lucky that the saddle can stay attached to the pushchair as long as Archie is sitting up. If he is laying down you can easily detach the saddle to allow the board to be clipped up and out the way, I normally just put the saddle in the basket or my bag. You can also adjust the length of the strap as well, so depending on how reclined the seat is we can make the board hang down lower so everyone is happy. I do find the wheels can catch on my clothes and I didn't realise until I got home that my light blue jeans had black all over them! I might make some little covers to slip over the wheels to prevent this, especially with winter coming up!  The board can easily be detached from the pushchair as well when you are not using it or when you need to fold the pushchair down, the way its been designed is so practical for parents and I cant recommend it enough.

The whole board and saddle feel extremely solid and well made, and I can tell its going to last a long while yet (until age 5 approx - 44lb), it will be so handy for holidays, theme parks and just general out and about days as its unnecessary for us to have a double pushchair now. We are excited to carry on using the board, if you are thinking of getting one then definitely check out Cheeky Rascals who are official stockists of the Lascal BuggyBoards!

* We was sent the buggy board in exchange for a honest review. All opinions and words are my own!

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  1. We never had a buggy board but I always wanted them! They look so handy.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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