My Wild Ones | 17

Isla finally learnt to ride her bike, its been a long process so I am so relieved that she can finally do it! I have to admit we found it so frustrating trying to teach her, its such a simple thing to do once you can do it and it was just so hard getting her to grips that you need to pedal forwards not backwards haha! Isla is the sort of child who likes to teach herself, and she gets so frustrated and gives up easily, possibly like me? But it can also be upsetting for us as parents as we try to teach her things but she just doesn't want to know, and that is just the way she is. I would love to sit down and do letters with her etc but she just is not interested one bit, it has to be on her terms. We are so proud and happy that she has finally cracked riding her bike, she even learnt to use her brakes - I guess she had no choice as she went flying down a hill with us shouting pull the brake to her. She is also so very proud that she can now ride her bike, she waited until I said if you learn to ride your bike today I will buy you a bigger better one.... Yep we went out and she did it so it looks like Mummy is buying her a new set of wheels now haha! 


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