My Wild Ones | 18

My two absolutely love the beach, its probably because we spend 90% of our summer at the beach, I think I can say for all four of us that it is our happy place. Growing up I was always at the beach, and also our family hobby is boating so being at the beach is like our second home really. We are lucky to live near a number of beaches so we change it up now and again, but I think this is my favourite one. I took these photos of a recent visit to the beach when Daddy was working late so we could spend the morning chilling out listening to the sea and making sand castles!

This girl loves the beach just as much as I do, she is always asking to go! She loves collecting shells, digging holes or hoes as she calls them - oops. Her confidence has really blossomed this year and its so amazing to see. She is such a little fish and the days when we go swimming in the sea we cant get her out, she loves swimming and floating in her life jacket with her feet up! She's also really taken a interest into the boat and jet bike this year and has been out a few times on both, completely her choice which has been nice

This little boy has no fear and will happily run into the water, then as soon as it starts to come in again he runs out giggling. He loves nothing more than to throw stones into the sea - something that he just suddenly started doing without us even doing it. He is just a natural at the beach and loves exploring everything. 



  1. We love the beach too. We don't go as often as we'd like to as our closest is around 40 minutes away though. Lovely pictures. Sarah #MyWildOnes

    1. Thank you! This beach is around 30 minutes for us but it is so worth it! xx


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