Your 1st Day At Pre-School | A Letter To Isla


So Ive just dropped you off for your very first time at pre-school! I could not of been anymore proud of you this morning, you looked SO grown up in your uniform, you were so excited and happy to get out the door and go, even if it meant we turned up 10 minutes early before they even opened the doors! While we was waiting to go in I felt a mix of emotions - of course I was excited for you to go and have fun, but I also was about to leave you in a new place, with new faces and it made me feel a bit emotional. Although I am so happy that we have made the change by starting you at this new nursery and I know you will do so much better here but still it was new for all of us. We was standing and waiting for you to be called forward to go in, I could feel you nudging my arm to make us move closer to the door so that you would be called next, this was reassuring for me - I knew you was ready, I knew you was ready to fly on your own. Once we moved you was called forward to go in, you walked straight in and didn't even want a kiss goodbye! You looked so grown up, confident and calm, yet so little to me like you will always be my baby in my eyes. I walked round the corner to head home and could see you standing outside in the playground, looking around and taking it all in, I carried on walking home trying not to cry, I had a huge lump in my throat all the way home. 

I know it could of been so much harder if you had cried and not wanted me to go, but I still wanted to cry for how amazing you done and how proud you made me. Archie was upset when we had to leave you and it was hard for us both, but we know you had an amazing time. Today was a big milestone and a start of a new chapter for us all, I cant believe this time next year you will be starting school! I cant even think about that yet, but I want you to know we are going to have an amazing year before you head off to be a big girl. I love you so so much and cant believe the beautiful young girl you are growing up into, you make me feel so happy and proud to be your Mummy and I wish you all the luck at your new adventure at pre-school. 

Love Mum x

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