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We have recently changed Archie's room now he has completely outgrown the baby stage, and one of them things was taking down his mobile on his cot, I was dreading doing this as he loves listening to the music for going to sleep, but it just wasn't practical anymore with him being able to rip it down etc. Thankfully Dex the dog by Zazu has saved the day! He is a soft cuddly toy that holds a brilliant invention inside his belly... a sound module. This module plays 4 songs, waterfall or a heartbeat sound, these sounds automatically switch off after 10 minutes and will then start playing the last song played if baby was to start crying. If you want to manually turn a song back on you simply shake the toy to get the song playing again, its so easy and saves faffing around for buttons etc. 

The sound module also has a volume wheel so you can control how quiet or loud you want the music to be playing for your little one, and you simply select which sound you want to be playing by pressing one of the 6 buttons. The songs are very calming and soothing and usually Archie is fast asleep before the 10 minutes is up! If he wakes in the night the music will automatically play and settle him again, which means Mummy and Daddy get to stay in bed... Win! The heartbeat sound would be perfect for newborns and younger babies, I know my 2 loved this sound when they were new into the world. The module uses 2 AA batteries, we have been using this at night time and nap time for over a month now and its still going strong, unlike our old mobile that id have to change the batteries weekly! It also has a on/off switch, its best to turn it off when not in use otherwise any noise can set it off and you don't want to waste the batteries. 

The dog itself is lovely and soft, and machine washable (without the module inside) I also love how the colours are neutral so can be used for either gender, you can also find Liz the lamb and Don the donkey in the same range, and these are equally as cute and again perfect for either gender so its something you can keep for multiple children. You put the sound module inside by opening the velcro tabs on the underneath of the dog, select your song and simply seal it up and your good to go with it turning on by sound, or by you shaking it. On the underneath you will also find a velcro tab so you can attach the soft toy to the bars of the cot, a car seat, or pram etc as they advise the toy not to be placed to near the child. I simply attach ours to the top bar and Dex lays along the top, although Archie has ripped it down a few times and I find him cuddling Dex the dog in his sleep... bless. 

We really love this, and I am planning on getting one for my pregnant friend as its such a handy sweet thing to have, I love the heartbeat feature on it and also how long the product will last! Definitely a well designed product, I like that once he outgrows needing songs we can remove the module and he can use the teddy as a comfort to cuddle and play with. I also like that you could also remove the small module and pop it on the moses basket in the early days without using the soft plush, or put it in your changing bag to take out and about. So we give Dex the dog a big thumbs up! You can pick up one of these for £24.99 or check out the other night time products in the Zazu range from Cheeky Rascals.

*This was sent to us in exchange for a review, all words are my own.

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  1. Aw, this is so cute! I love that you can wash it easily too. #triedtested

  2. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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