Crafting For World Teacher's Day 2016

On Wednesday 5th October it is World Teacher's Day and so Isla wanted to make some cards for her key worker at pre-school and also one for all the other teachers that work hard throughout the year. She gets on so well with all the workers at her nursery and thought it would be nice to show some appreciation for all that they do, they all work so hard with all the children and its only right that they get a day to be thought of.

We started by getting some blank cards and I just let Isla do what she wanted for her key-worker Katie. She went to town with the glue and stuck on some buttons, wooden butterflies and then came all the glitter! It seems Isla is a fan of it and said that Katie would like it too... Aww. Meanwhile I was writing World Teacher's Day on the other card and then I let Isla decorate in the middle, with my help we also added a string heart to show love towards all the teachers at the pre-school.

It was so much fun getting Isla to make a card for her teachers, she cant wait to give them to them tomorrow, as she doesn't go to pre-school on Wednesday's so they will be getting them a day early! I'm sure they will love them and appreciate them, I think its nice to show them how much they are loved by the children and it will make all the hard work feel worth it. So if your child goes to nursery or school, then why not get out the craft bits and get them to make a card for their teachers to take in on Wednesday in support of World Teacher's Day! Here are the final products for Isla's key worker and one for all the teachers, I think they look fab and Isla is excited to hand them in. We wrote them a nice little message inside to say Thank You for all that they do and then Isla signed her name at the bottom with a bit of help from Daddy. Check out ITN Mark for some information on all that they do for education.

*We was sent a craft kit from ITNMark Education to make a card in collaboration of their World Teacher's Day campaign.

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