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Isla has been potty trained for around a year now, and although she has been for some time we do have moments when we can get 'caught out' like when we visit the beach, go on country walks, certain shops that don't have toilets and also in the car while driving along the motorway to name a few. We was kindly sent a My Carry Potty to try out and have to say it is now a valuable item when packing for a day out, even if it is just kept in the boot of the car for longer journeys. We was sent the ladybird which is bright red in colour with a fun design on, making it more fun for Isla to use, she's even named it Lily! The potty has a nice sized handle which is perfect for Isla to carry her own potty, although after a while she does ask us carry it... typical! You can purchase the potty here for £24.99 which makes it a little more pricey than others on the market, but I love that you don't need to buy any bags or refills for it so in that aspect its actually cheaper. Its just all ready to go as soon as you open it making it quick and easy to use for your toddler, but we do have to open it for her as she cant do it, which to be honest is probably for the best! 

The potty is leak proof which is great until you find somewhere suitable to empty the contents, you open it by a twist lock type mechanism and once opened you can see the ingenious rubber seal lid. If you use wet wipes or tissue and cant dispose of them elsewhere you can simply pop them in the bottom of the potty but making sure they don't get in the way of the seal. This potty would be brilliant for the early days of potty training and I am so glad we have it now so we can use it with our second when the time comes. The seat is nice and big for little ones to sit on, without the potty feeling unstable, we have had Isla use this on the sand at the beach, on grass in a field and even in the boot of our car and it has been perfectly fine and stable for her. I also like that the front comes up quite high, which will also be perfect for little boys!

Once the potty has been used you simply empty it into the toilet and then wash out the potty with warm soapy water and then spray with a steriliser after each use, we use this handy little potty spray. We have had Isla use this a couple of times in a day at the beach without it being emptied, it held quite a lot of wee and it also didn't leak at all on our journey home where we was able to empty and clean it out. We also leave it open for a while to just air it out after its been washed so its nice and fresh to use for when we go out again, or you could just use this at home for your main potty as well so its like a 2 in 1 really. 

This potty is perfect for travelling, whether that be in the UK for trips away, or even abroad for by the pool or at the beach. If being taken on a aircraft they say to open the lid slightly otherwise the seal is so good that it could be impossible to open it ever again without damaging the potty. This also doubles up as a stool for your little one to stand on to wash their hands after going to the toilet, which just adds on to the reasons why I prefer this compared to other travel potty's on the market. 

*We was sent this potty in exchange for a honest review.

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