What's In My Toddlers Bag | 17 Month Old

Now that Archie is 17 months old I finally accepted that he is now not a baby and needed to be upgraded to a toddler rucksack, which is the perfect bag as I can chuck it on my back and chase after him and his big sister. I picked him the Disney Cars rucksack off of Amazon as he absolutely loves cars and thought it was the perfect size and I loved that it had a front pocket and cup holder on the side as well. He was so excited when he see it and its something he can relate to and that he loves, he definitely knows that it is his bag. I think with Archie being my 2nd baby I kind of know what the essentials are and what is just unnecessary to lug around in a bag with me, so Ive kept the bag really simple, Ive packed it as if we was popping out to town round the shops, a friends house or soft play etc. 

So on the side of the rucksack is a cup holder, a very small one at that so none of his sippy cups fit, but these bottles of fruity waters from Aldi fit perfectly. I will also put one more inside the bag if we are going out with Isla too.

In the front pocket I keep the nappies, I usually carry around 3 or 4 if we are staying out all day long. I love that this pocket keeps all the nappies straight and they don't get all scrunched up in the main compartment. I will also keep any paperwork if I need it in the front pocket too. 

The nappies that we use are from the Aldi Mamia range and they are now following from the success of the Big Toddle big supporters for Barnardo's which is now being shown on the products. 

This is what is inside the bag, wet wipes - you can never have enough, the monkey Make My Day bib, a Cars cutlery holder with a spoon and fork inside, a dummy with a cover on it, 2 cars which Archie loves to play with and are handy in a restaurant, a fruit pouch, a tupperware box with some snacks in and these also make great use for bribery! 

On the back of the rucksack is a little window to display his name, but I have to admit I have never seen any other child with this rucksack. When we go on long days out then I will pack pyjamas to change him into on the way home if it gets late. I will also pack a spare top for a long day out and then keep a jumper/hat in the bag too. There is still a lot of room for me to put my purse and keys in as well so its nice it can all go in one bag. I cant believe my little baby now only needs a little bag *sob*.

* We was sent a pack of nappies to raise awareness of the new Barnardo logo on the nappies. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. Time for another ;-) hehe. I need to get the boys little rucksacks to take to the childminder now really. At the moment I just take a huge one that they share. x

    1. Haha oh gosh no I don't think id cope! These two already keep me busy enough lol x


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