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So today its only 3 months to go until the big day! I cant actually believe it, it only feels like yesterday I was saying it was 7 months away and I have blinked and we are now at 3 months! I am feeling like I am getting a little bit of wedding jitters, I cant tell you how nervous I feel about walking down that aisle and saying my vows. Today I thought I would share with you what we have done so far, I cant really show you to much as its all in a cupboard mixed with Isla's Birthday presents and Christmas presents too. We are also holding off to buy anything else for the wedding until after Christmas so I cant wait to share it all with you then.

So what have we done so far, well I have written many lists for a start, and yet I still feel like I am forgetting something, so if you do notice something please do let me know! These are just big things and stuff that we have hired, I will be going into more detail in the new year.

Venue - This is the first thing we booked, we are having our ceremony and reception in the same place so its been pretty straightforward planning wise.

Registrar - Again this is one of the first things we done, we made sure we got our date and time secured well in advance!

Dress - I got my dress in February and actually have it now at my house, it just needs to be altered in January, which I have booked.

Photographer - I hunted Google like a F.B.I agent looking at many photographers and not many I felt were my sort of style, the photos were lovely but just not for me. I finally found the perfect photographer and so we booked him, even though its worked out to be the second most expensive thing!

DJ - My Dad actually booked the DJ for us as someone he knows can do it for us, so we was lucky to get a mates rate on this. I believe he will be there all day so can announce us in to our reception etc.

Cake - I found it quite tricky to find a cake that I liked, once I found a cake company I was willing to choose a design they had already done but a quick search on Pinterest and I found a cake that we both liked and it suits our wedding theme as well.

Flowers - I chose the florist that does the flowers for all the open days at our venue as I loved her work and knew that the venue trusted her too. I am a little nervous about the flowers as I obviously wont see them until the day, but I know that no matter what I wont mind on the day anyway.

Suits - We are hiring suits as I just think its so much easier then trying to buy them all for the grooms party in all the different sizes. We are yet to go and choose them but we have already picked a suit out online, I think we may be going next weekend to Moss Bros so that will be ticked off my list.

Rings - We have our rings, Perry's actually came this week and we are getting mine in December, I am getting a whole new ring set which I am excited about.

Hair - Our family friend is a hair dresser and so she is kindly doing my hair for me and my bridesmaids on the day. I will be having my hair trial in January and am still undecided on how I want to have it.

Make-up - I found an amazing make up artist in Essex and have already had my trial and loved it, so she is all booked to come to the venue on the day to do our make up.

Videographer - Unfortunately our budget run out and so we couldn't hire a videographer and I was pretty gutted about it but decided I could film my own snippets on the day. A few weeks ago Perry got a message from a friend asking if he could film our day for his portfolio and so we jumped at the chance, anything has got to be better than nothing right?

Photo booth - I booked this quite early on as I knew I wanted a photo booth at the wedding, I think they are hilarious and will really make the evening more fun for everyone, I cant wait to see what drunken photos it captures on the night!

Giant love letters - I also booked these quite early on knowing how lovely they would look at our venue, and when we have our first dance.

Mini moon - We are going on a small holiday to the Cotswold's just me and Perry, we have booked to go on the Monday so we can spend some much needed quality time together and enjoy that newly married bubble together on our own with no children. We will be booking another holiday with the children possibly for around April time.

So that is the bulk of it so far, we don't need transport as I am getting ready at the venue, Perry will just drive our car so we can drive home the next day, we and some of our close family are staying at the venue on the wedding night so we will all be having breakfast together the next morning which I think is lovely. I am so looking forward to starting all the smaller details in the new year, we have held off so that we have the cupboard space for it all. I cant believe how much stuff you have to think about when planning a wedding, it has at times felt quite overwhelming! We are finally on the countdown now and I just cant wait for the day to get here and finally have a Husband.

How do you think I've done so far? Have I forgot something obvious? Next week I will be sharing the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for Wedding Wednesday.

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