Mummy & Me | November

I cant believe we are at the end of November already? Since Autumn started it feels like this year is going by in a flash now! We are so busy at the moment with all of Isla's activities, party's and pre-school Christmas plays - I swear this girl has a better social life than me! I didn't really have the time to take us out and get some nice photos, so a quick trip to the park for these and then a search on my mac found me another two that I had forgot about. Hoping next month I will be more organised!

Isla looks so impressed, I think she was thinking Mum stop embarrassing me at the park, everyone is looking at us, hurry up!

I remember this day, this little one had me up at 5am and wanted to be in my video and photos! He has gone from being a full on Mummy's boy to wanting his Daddy and crying when he leaves, he has entered that testing age and I believe we are experiencing the terrible twos early, just like with Isla! But despite all of this he can be the most loving little boy ever, he loves kisses and cuddles and loves to be pampered!

I cant believe Isla turns 4 next month! That is just crazy to think about, it makes me feel so much older saying I have a FOUR year old! She definitely is a character for sure and isn't afraid to show it, but she is my best friend and I actually love spending time with her now, we paint our nails and we talk to each other about the most craziest of things, she's a funny one for sure.

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  1. Aww Isla's face in the first one, bless her! Archie sounds just like Parker the little monkeys - it's so tough isn't it. I'm hoping he improves when Indie goes to preschool. Can't believe Isla is turning 4 either! xx


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