Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve was quite a chilled one for us, we woke up to find our Elf Buddy had gone back to the North Pole and had left behind a Christmas Eve basket for us all to enjoy, the kids were so surprised and loved it. We got dressed and headed to the beach for a nice walk and in hopes to knacker the children out so they would sleep that night, it was quite windy on the beach but we all managed to walk quite a way and Archie wanted to run out onto the sand banks, crazy boy! We headed home and Archie had a little 20 minute sleep in the car which was perfect as as we knew he would still be tired for that night! 

We got home and Isla got out her sticker book from her basket and sat at the table doing that for a while, I got on and done some housework while she was amused. My Auntie came over to see us for a while so we had a good catch up and exchanged gifts, it did mean we started the rest of our activities a little later but it is always nice to see family. We then started on our cookies for Santa, we all got involved and it was so nice to do them all together and the kids both got stuck in and surprisingly it wasn't too messy! We stuck a pizza in the oven for the children to eat, and sat down to put the Polar Express on, Isla loved it and watched the whole thing while Archie ran around for a bit until the food came! 

After pizza we let them have a little chocolate while we all watched the rest of the film, its my favourite Christmas film and still today I say wow and woah at times while watching it! As time went so quick we didnt get time to do them a bath so it was a wet wipe wash and straight into their matching Christmas pyjamas, followed by leaving treats for Santa, although Archie ate his biscuits before it touched the plate! Then the kids hung their stockings on their bedroom doors, got into bed with milk and went to sleep. 

My parents had come over to collect our dining table for the next day for dinner at their house as we wouldn't of all fit around their table. So Perry and I had our party food dinner as a picnic on the floor and it was all cosy with fairy lights, then it was tidy up and get set for the morning. We had hot chocolates in bed and we went to sleep around 1am and I was awake by 3:30am dying to get up, Perry wasn't impressed at all haha, but I honestly couldn't sleep, but I managed to doze off around 5:30am and then Isla came in at 8:20am! 

What did you do on Christmas Eve? Do you have any traditions? 

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