Our Bedtime Routine With 2 Toddlers

So today I thought I would share with you our bedtime routine with our two little ones aged 3 and 1, at the moment this seems to work for us and its been like this for the past 3 years. However I think when Isla starts Reception next September we may have to move things forward a bit so she can go to bed a bit earlier... let me know, if your little one is in school aged 5-6 what time do they go to bed? Anyway enough rambling from me, I will start...

5:30pm - I usually start dinner around this time, depending on what we are having I may start earlier. But my aim is to have dinner on the table for 6pm.

6:00pm - Dinner is served and we all sit down to tuck in.

6:20pm - We have usually finished by now and the kids will have a dessert if we have any, either a yoghurt or ice cream as a treat. Although now winter is here we do love a apple crumble now and again.

6:25pm - I spend this time tidying up from dinner so I will load the dishwasher, put all the toys away and clean the table / Archies high chair.

6:35pm - I come upstairs and start running the bath, while its running I will go into the kids rooms and shut their blinds, hang up the black out covers and get their pyjamas out ready for after the bath.

We are currently using the Asda Little Angels pull ups for Archie and love them, now that he is a toddler he wont sit still for nappies and to get dressed, so these are just perfect to pull up on him and makes our lives so much easier.. until its time to get dressed. We also use this Cusson's Mum and me lotion on them both as now winter is here they do get a bit of dry skin and it smells nice too!

6:45pm - Its bath time...

7:00pm - I get them out, usually Archie first so I can get him ready while Isla gets some extra time on her own to play. During this time we listen to nursery rhymes and sing along, if Daddy is working we will call him so the kids can say goodnight.

7:05pm - Still only managed the nappy and vest...

7:10pm - Trying to get the bottoms on... don't you just love this age!

7:15pm - Both of them are in their pyjamas and will have a few minutes to play while I come downstairs to warm up their milks.

7:20pm - We put them into bed and usually I will read to Isla while Perry reads to Archie and then we alternate the next night. If Perry is working late shifts, I will read to Archie while Isla plays and then go into her afterwards.

7:35pm - We shut their doors and leave them to drink their milks and go off to sleep.

How does bedtime go in your house? What time do your little ones go to sleep?

*We was sent some Asda little angel pull ups, all thoughts are my own.

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  1. The photos of Perry trying to dress Archie had me laughing - ahh toddlers!! Lovely routine xx


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