Our Family Christmas Eve Basket 2016

This is the first year that I am doing a Christmas Eve basket, last year we got back from Disney right before Christmas and Perry has always had to work on Christmas Eve, but this year at his new job he has the day off and also Isla is at such a great age to understand it all now, and I want it to be something that our elf leaves as a goodbye present, as we are also doing Elf on the shelf this year. 

So here is what is inside our basket, Im just using a wicker picnic basket that we had and Ive also put everything inside and buckled it up so its all ready to be set up again on Christmas Eve. I tried to not spend too much on it, as we are on a budget due to our wedding, but I think I did well and next year I can put more bits in instead! I tried to get us things that would give us something to do on the day and keep us all busy. 

I have got the kids some matching pyjamas from Next, so I put these in so that after bath time they can get all cosy in their new pyjamas. I cant wait to see them both in them, Islas pyjamas cost £11 and Archie's cost £10 but I got them a size up so they will last them all next year too. 

These bits I got in the pound shop, The Night Before Christmas colouring book I thought would be perfect for Isla to do, and once she is finished Archie can go crazy in it, I love all the Christmas pictures inside for them to colour. I then see these Paw Patrol bits and my two are huge fans! Its a Christmas sticker pad and I also bought a set of the Christmas stickers so they can both stick them into the book. 

These bits I got in B&M Bargains, the plate for santa was £1 and so was the glass bottle that says "Milk for Santa" on it. Isla made this bag of reindeer food at a free event so I have just put it into the basket to keep it safe and then we can sprinkle it out into the garden on Christmas Eve.

The Polar Express is a all time favourite of mine, so I had to get it for £3.99 in B&M Bargains, we can all watch it together snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. I got these two books, A Letter to Santa was £1 in the pound shop and this will be Isla's bedtime story on Christmas Eve. Dear Santa we have had for a few years now so I have put that in for Archie's bedtime story as I think he would enjoy it more, I believe I got it from Asda. 

The last bits are the treats, I didn't want to go to crazy on chocolate as they will be getting lots of treats over Christmas. These milky bar and kinder chocolates are for us all to share while we watch the film, and they were £2 each from B&M Bargains. The last thing is this Olaf Frozen cookie set, it comes with the cookie cutter, edible wafers, the cookie mix and icing, all for a grand total of 75p! I think these will be great to make in the afternoon and we can also keep one back to go on Santa's plate as Im sure he would love one!

So that is everything that is going in our Christmas Eve basket, I cant wait to do all the activities on the day. I was going to buy some hot chocolate mix to go in but we already have a tub of it in the cupboard. I have also found a tube of fake snow that we can make as well, I got it last year in pound land but we never used it so Im going to put that in the basket too. 

What is going in your Christmas Eve basket? Id love to get some more ideas!

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