Stocking Fillers | 19 Month Old

Here are Archie's stocking fillers and he is 19 months old, I found him a little tricky to buy for but I think he still has got a good amount of things. I tried to spend the same amount on each of them, even though Archie has more in his stocking, but some of these things they will both play with like the cars and animals. 

I will list below where everything is from and how much they cost

1. Paw Patrol socks - £2 from Primark 
2. Chase soft toy - £7 from Tesco
3. 6 Hot Wheels cars - £1 each from Poundland
4. 4 animal figures - £1 each from Wilkinson's
5. Spiderman toothbrush - £2.50 from B&M Bargains
6. Thomas magic flannel - £1.50 from Wilkinson's
7. Wooden bus - £1 from Poundland
8. Chocolate lolly - £1 from Asda 

Total Spend: £25

Click here to see what is in Isla's stocking (4 years old)


  1. Paw Patrol, My 2 year old is obsessed. It's a shame some plush toys cost quite a bit as I would have bought her the whole set. :-) x

    1. Yeah its such a shame they are pretty pricey! My 2 are obsessed with it xx


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