Stocking Fillers | 4 Year Old

I thought I would share with you whats in Isla's stocking this year, she will be turning 4 on the 19th December and these are things I think she will love. I found it so easy this year to get bits for her as she is starting to love smaller things and she's at a suitable age for them. I did get her a set of 2 Disney Frozen nail varnish but we have opened them already on our girly night, but just bits like that I find she loves now. I tried to get a range of toys and practical items as well for her, and I think we are going to put them in the stocking unwrapped this year. 

So here is everything that is going into her stocking, I will list below where they are from and how much they cost, incase you see any ideas for your little ones!

1. Paw Patrol socks - £2 from Primark 
2. Disney Princess Lego - £4.49 from Tesco
3. Cinderella figure - £3.50 from Tesco
4. Giraffe figure - £1 from Wilkinson's
5. 2 horse figures - £1 each from Wilkinson's 
6. Shopkins chef club - £2.50 from Tesco
7. Wooden school bus - £1 from poundland
8. Frozen bath tints - £2.50 from Wilkinson's
9. Belle magic flannel - £1.50 from Wilkinson's
10. Frozen toothbrush - £2.50 from Wilkinson's
11. Chocolate lolly - £1 from Asda

Total Spend: £23.99

Click here to see what is in Archie's stocking (19 months old)

I hope you find this helpful :)


  1. Looks like such a great variety of things in the stocking. I have really struggled with my two, Mabel who is 2 and Martha who is almost 10 months. I don't want to over do it so I love how you have included the costs of things. It helps me understand what I can get. :-) xx

    1. So glad you found it helpful :) Good luck with your little ones stockings x


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