15 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #3

15 weeks + 5 days

Monday 23rd April 2018


Baby is around 4 inches long (crown to rump) roughly the size of an avocado, and the proportions are getting more 'normal' now. Baby's eyes are are moving to the front of the head, while the ears are making their way to the sides. Baby's legs are finally longer than its arms and the heart which is still under construction, can now pump 25 quarts of blood a day! Baby can now bend its knees and elbows but the skeleton is still soft and developing every day. 

I haven't got on the scales this week, after losing some weight I'm not wanting to see that it has come back already!

My spots have been awful this last week, but now we are almost at 16 weeks they have calmed down so much thankfully! My nose has been really stuffy this week and is the last thing to go since having the flu last week. Ive had a few headaches this week which haven't been pleasant, and I've also got the awful SPD back! I had it with Archie but at a later stage than this, but the past few days it has been starting to hurt but not unbearable as of yet, but it is making me really anxious for it to get worse. I just hope I don't get sciatica again as well. (probably jinxed myself now haven't I)

Ive been sleeping really well this week, and can go almost the whole night without waking for a wee. 

It's A... | Baby #3

On Sunday we had a private gender scan, something we have done every single pregnancy as I am just way too impatient to wait until 20 weeks! I also think its lovely to see baby again in between the standard 12 and 20 week scans as it can be a long wait! Everything was absolutely perfect with baby, the sonographer checked over baby and it was lovely to see the brain, heart, lungs etc and she just did a overall check of the baby making sure it had 2 arms and legs and all things like that. We also got to see a sneak peak of baby in 4D which was so lovely, the baby had its leg sticking up and pushing out! My bladder was so full though so after a while she let me go and have a wee thankfully as I was about to burst! 

When I came back it was time to go looking for baby's gender, something I was so anxious about this time and we also had Isla with us too as she was excited to find out. So we found out that we are completing our little family with a baby......

Comfort In Pregnancy Using Bravado Bras

Being comfortable in pregnancy is probably one of the biggest things to try and achieve, and there are some fantastic products out there to help you along this journey from pregnancy pillows to maternity bras. Being my third pregnancy I know how much your breasts go through in pregnancy and after birth, so its really important to find a good supporting and comfortable bra to wear. I was sent the lovely Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in the limited edition colour Twilight and I have been testing it out over the last few weeks and can say it has not disappointed at all! 

I got it in the size M to allow for growth, it fits comfortably already with room to grow and provides a lot of support not only for my growing breasts but for my back as well. It has a wide strap at the back which offers more support on your back to accommodate the weight and size of your growing breasts, it is wire free which is advised to be worn during pregnancy as well and the soft fabric moulds to your changing shape. It retails at £30 which may seem a lot for 1 bra but it really is value for money, it will last you throughout your whole pregnancy and your breast feeding journey afterwards also. I am now looking at getting another one for when this one is in the wash, I love it that much. Some features of the bra are..

14 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #3

14 Weeks + 6 days 

Monday 23rd April 2018


Baby is around 3 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and around the size of a beetroot, the weight has also doubled from last week. Baby's immune system is starting to develop ready for the outside world. Baby can frown, squint and even suck its thumb. Baby is also producing white blood cells for fighting infection after birth. 

reluctantly jumped on the scales and was surprised to see I had actually lost 3lb.

Ive actually been quite poorly this week, its been half term and we have been in all week as I have the flu! It has not been fun at all as I can only take paracetamol and soothers, so my recovery seems to be taking longer. Otherwise I haven't really had any symptoms, I have noticed I am not needing to pee as often as before which is a nice welcome break. 

Sleep hasn't been too bad, as I've been poorly I just want to sleep all the time.

I have been off my food this week, again I just think this is down to feeling so poorly. I did crave a Mc Donald's one night and stayed up until 12am for Perry to bring me one home from work! 

Tired and just feeling like rubbish. I also feel guilty that we haven't done anything this half term, does Mum guilt ever give you a break?

I miss being able to take cold & flu tablets! Im not sure when I will be getting my flu vaccine, I've had them with my past 2 pregnancies and don't think I had any problems with it. 

Its not so much a outfit, but the Bravado maternity / feeding bra has been so comfy! Ive been wearing it every day and it honestly doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a bra but still provides support. 

Feeling baby move a lot more has been so nice, I cant wait until we can feel it from the outside! Also hitting the 2nd trimester has been a nice relief for us.

Feeling better, I realise this whole post has been about me moaning how poorly I feel but its completely taken over my week and wiped me out. 

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13 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #3

I totally forgot to post this haha!

13 weeks + 4 days

Monday 23rd April 2018


I use the Ovia baby app and this says baby is about 3 inches long, the size of a jalapeƱo. The bones are getting stronger and stronger everyday, baby also has its fingerprints now which is just crazy to think! The lower body growth is catching up with the head now, vocal cords are developing and tiny hairs called lanugo are about to appear all over baby's body.

Ive stopped weighing myself now, but bump has certainly grown! Wont be in my normal jeans for much longer now.

Niggling pains in my belly, my boobs have been killing me some days, I can smell everything so strongly still and Im also peeing a lot more often now *Thanks Baby* Ive also been a little constipated...

Sleep has been OK, I wake for a wee practically every night now and I've also had 2 nights in a row waking at 2am thinking it was time to get up and then struggling to get back to sleep!

I haven't really had any cravings this week. 

Im feeling a lot more better this week in terms of energy but now my dreaded kidney stones seem to have returned, I suffered with them awfully in my first pregnancy with Isla, but this was later on in my pregnancy, and to have them now this early just makes me nervous for what is ahead! 

Sleeping on my belly, I wake in the night with my sides aching and I cannot sleep on my back at all! 

My new maternity tops from New Look that I managed to pick up in the sale for £2 - £3 each! 

Feeling the start of some little kicks! I was laying down and felt a few consistent movements in my belly, it was the nicest thing and I also remember feeling Archie for the first time around this stage to! 

Half term next week, the school runs everyday can get a bit much and Im so excited not having to get up and rush out for a whole week!

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12 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #3

12 weeks 5 days

Monday 23rd April 2018

We don't know yet.

Baby is measuring over 2 inches, about the size of a ripe apricot, starting to develop reflexes as the brain continues to grow. If you was to poke your abdomen baby will respond by wriggling (although you won't feel this yet). The kidneys are beginning to function, and baby has also started building up the waste it will store for its first poo! Baby's neck is beginning to straighten lifting its chin off its chest.

Since I got pregnant I have put on 3lb so far, although I think this is the last time I'm going to step on any scales! 

First Trimester | Weeks 6 - 11 | Baby #3

So I thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms with you all, we found out at 6 weeks that we was expecting baby #3 and that was purely based on me having no symptoms whatsoever. We have not long suffered a loss at 10.5 weeks and so my body has been all over the place and this also led me to wait so long before testing! Ive tried to keep notes on how I have been feeling recently.

6 Weeks Pregnant 
- We found out! 
- Peeing more often then normal.
- A few spots on my forehead.
- Craving tuna, mayo and sweetcorn sub rolls.

7 Weeks Pregnant 
- Boobs have got bigger / hurt sometimes.
- When I get hungry I feel sick.
- Oh the headaches...
- Still peeing for England.
- Spots are still here *yay* -.-
- Really tired, falling asleep on the sofa most early evenings!

8 Weeks Pregnant
- Super tired and emotional.
- Starting to get hungry quite often.
- Oh the bloat...
- Met my One to One Midwife for the first time, bloods were taken.


I am so happy to finally announce that we are expecting again! It has been a long road that I will go into it at another time, but I thought I would share a announcement post letting you all know our exciting news! *Oh and Archie is excited, even if he doesn't look it in the photo haha* 

Our Rainbow baby is due in April 2018, and we couldn't be happier. I will have my pregnancy updates up soon as its been a bit crazy the last few weeks, hence the silence over here, so please bear with me. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you all again! 

Win Tickets To The Baby & Toddler Show 2017!

Having been to baby shows before I absolutely love them, you can find so many new brands and pick up some really good deals! So if you're a parent to a baby or toddler, are pregnant or need to do some shopping for a new baby then this is the giveaway for you. There are 2 upcoming baby & toddler shows...

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The Groom & Groomsmen | Wedding Series

So today's blog post is all about the men, wit whooo. To start with we knew we would be hiring every body's suits, we had such a range of tall, short, and different body shapes to put it nicely, that meant buying them all would just be too difficult and hard to find in all the right sizes. We wanted grey suits to go with our theme, and so we began looking online at places to rent suits from. 

We ended up going with Moss Bros, thinking that they had quite a good reputation etc, but I was wrong, oh so very wrong. We went in and the men were not helpful at all and didn't really show us much or let Perry try anything on. So we just picked some colours that we thought would go and left the store with all the paper work. Having family and friends that lived near the Lakeside store we went in so they could get sized up, the women took one look at our paperwork and asked what on earth was going on, she said the wrong shirts had been put down (we wanted cravats and not ties) and that the colours for the Groom should match the bride (ivory) so she kindly re done it all for us. We had a package of jacket, trousers, shirts, ties or cravats, waist coat and handkerchiefs and having paid half up front I'm just glad that the women fixed it all for us. The day before the wedding we go into our local store to pick up the suits, we get there and the man instantly looked confused, he went out back and after 10 minutes returns with NO suits. In a panic he calls to find out they hadn't even left the main warehouse, so here we are the day before we get married, an hour before Perry needs to leave to stay at the Best Mans house an hour away and we have no suits for him to take with him. The man then says about getting them delivered the next day hopefully before 1pm!? Our wedding was booked for 1:30pm, by this stage I'm feeling sick and panicked, not exactly what the Bride needs before her big day. Thankfully a manager called and arranged for them to be instantly couriered to the Best Mans house and they did arrive to him a few hours later thankfully, they didn't charge us for the other half of the suits as a apology I guess, but I definitely would have my reservations if your thinking of booking with them. 

Living Arrows | 34/52

What a week we have had, its been jam packed and its put me on a massive high because we have done so much, I don't have that feeling that we have wasted any time like I mostly do. I cant believe we have less than 2 weeks now until the big one starts school! She's at a kids club this week, but from next week we will be winding down and starting to get back on a earlier schedule in preparation for the start of term, as well as labelling all her uniform (yep I haven't done it yet) but otherwise I am feeling quite prepared. I took this photo of her the other day, the sun was in my eyes so it was just a snap and go, until later on when I had a look and I realised just how grown up and beautiful she looked. 

On Sunday evening we visited the pier, they was offering free rides and fireworks which is just amazing! What would of cost us over £20 in tokens for rides we got for free, the kids could go on what they wanted and some more than once, it was such a good evening all round and everyone was buzzing. We headed outside at 9:30pm to watch the firework display, and the reaction from Arch was priceless, he was so fascinated and excited by the fireworks. Squealing with delight, clapping his hands and just looking in awe I found myself watching him more than the fireworks. 

Living Arrows

My Little Piccolo Giveaway!

Weaning was always one of my favourite stages when my 2 were 6 months old, watching them explore new tastes and textures was so exciting. With both of ours we did a bit of combination weaning, both purees and BLW which we all really loved, not so much the mess though! While on the go our go to things were pouches, especially fruit ones which my 2 still love today at the grand ole age of 4 and 2! I keep a few fruit pouches in the fridge and they make a quick snack, whilst at home or on the go, they are even great for when its hot to cool them down after they've been in the fridge/freezer for a while. 

Recently My Little Piccolo got in touch and sent the children some of their new flavours, as you can tell they both loved them! They are all organic, provide new & exciting flavours for your baby to try and 10% of the profits go to food education charities! With stage 1 & 2 pouches, you will always find a pouch suitable for your little one depending on what stage of their weaning journey they are on, available in most supermarkets you can pick them up easily too. 

So on that note I am happy to be giving away a big box of pouches to 1 lucky reader for your little one to enjoy some of the new and exciting flavours that My Little Piccolo have to offer. Just simply enter down below to be in with a chance of winning! 

- Open to UK residents only.
- Must be over the age of 18 years old.
- Winner has 30 days to respond before a new winner is picked. 

Living Arrows | 33/52

I'm going to be honest, these holidays have been tough, I think with Arch being older than he was last year its a lot more work trying to keep 2 amused and wear them out at the same time. Don't get me wrong the lazy mornings have been heaven, but by late afternoon I find myself running out of patience. Just another 3 weeks to go, and my big Girl is starting school and that means a whole new routine. 

On Monday we headed out for a bike ride, a whole 8.2 miles! We've really enjoyed getting out on our bikes this summer and exploring new places.. don't worry we don't make the littles ride that far, they sit in a trailer and poor Daddy has to pull them! We found a beautiful spot not far from us and you pretty much just cycle off road around this hugeeeee pond? I loved this picture I snapped of Arch doing what he does best, being wild and exploring the outdoors. 

On the weekend we took a spontaneous sea side trip to Walton, it may have rained really heavily the whole time but we made the most of it and played in the arcades on the pier, which is all under cover thankfully, Isla absolutely loves horses and every time she walks by this giant horse she always insists on sitting on it, I probably should compare all the photos of her on this over the years! 

Living Arrows

Hair & Make-Up | Wedding Series

In this post I will be talking about the hair and make up for me, my bridesmaid and the flower girls. We was very lucky that a family friend is a hair dresser and she offered to do our hair for us, I had a trial with her around a month before the big day, I knew all along she would be doing it so there was no rush to do the trial. With my hair being so thick I didn't want to have it down as any style (curling) just doesn't hold long at all, I also didn't want my hair to cover the detail on my dress. I really hate my hair being up but I came round to the idea, I showed her a few ideas and let her get creative with my hair. If I'm honest I wasn't really fussed at all about my hair, as long as it wasn't annoying me it could of been tied up in a black bag for all I cared! I wanted the front to be quite loose and to sweep across the side of my face, as to be honest with my hair straight up in a bun I look like the horrid headmistress out of Matilda! To give me a bit of comfort we kept a couple bits of hair down and curled them, just so I didn't feel so exposed with my hair being up. The back of my hair was in a bun with curls on top that looked a bit like flowers, its so impressive how it all got up so neatly with the amount of hair I have, even the make up artist was impressed. 

My Bridesmaid also had her hair up, she has shoulder length hair but the hair dresser was able to get it up and it looked amazing! She also had some lovely detail on the top of her dress so it was nice that this could be showed off as well. Lastly the flower girls had matching hair styles, little plaits going back either side of their heads, I also bought some little flowers from Claire's Accessories so they had 3 each at the back and to finish it off their hair was straightened. They looked so adorable with the matching hair styles, thankfully it all worked out as they all never had any trials before the day! 

Living Arrows | 31/52

We are getting full swing into the holidays now, its so lovely to have a break from routine and nursery runs, unfortunately the weather for the first week has been miserable and so we've been home a lot. Archie loves playing with his car cars they are by far his favourite toy, he has SO many that we lined them all up too see which colour he had the most of (turns out to be red) and then I had an idea, why not create a rainbow out of his cars as he is our rainbow baby, so here is our Rainbow baby surrounded by his favourite toys! - and these are not all of his cars either ahh.

We did eventually venture out on Friday, we went on a 7 mile bike ride - don't worry we didn't make the children bike that far, they had the luxury of a pull along trailer that they sat in! We found a recently built playground and so of course the kids had to go on, even when it was raining a little. Isla was unsure about walking across this bridge, but I knew she could do it and so I stood close as she did it all by herself, it was so lovely to see the happiness on her face afterwards, and hopefully a lesson that she can do these things even if she feels she cant, I'm so proud she tried. 

Living Arrows

Living Arrows | 30/52

We have had a busy week, we decided to give both the children's bedrooms a make over, finallllly giving them some colour instead of just plain white walls. They are no way finished but it was enough to give them a big surprise when they walked into their bedrooms! I love this picture of Archie, he was so excited by his bedroom and immediately climbed into his new big boy bed and said night night! It was so sweet and definitely made the arguments over building flat pack worth it! 

Isla also loved her room but I couldn't help but share this photo of her, we was driving past Lakeside Karting when Daddy came up with the idea of popping in and letting Isla have a go on the children's karts, it was a beautiful day and she had been stuck in the car for an hour so I thought why not. Well as you can tell she LOVED it, Ive never seen her smile and laugh so much and it was definitely a big bonus for Daddy. She had 10 minutes of going round, by the end you could tell she was getting tired but she was also leaning into the corners and getting really good. We cant wait to take her back one day.

Siblings | July

My duo have been very close this past month, we had a mini getaway to Haven for a long weekend and they loved exploring together, they also got to share a room which they have never done before, I love how being in a different place can bring you all together. Archie has also been potty training the past week and it has been so enjoyable watching Isla praise her little brother and helping him, we got her report from nursery as she is now leaving from school and it mentioned how helpful she was towards younger children, she definitely is the best big sister! 

We are about to start the 6 weeks holidays, part of me is looking forward to no routine and nursery runs, but there is a part that is somewhat dreading it. I can only imagine the novelty of them spending time together all day everyday will quickly go, and they will soon be arguing! I'm just trying to plan lots of activities and things to keep us amused, please leave some ideas down below of what we can get up to! 

My Child's Surgery | My Experience & Advise

Isla being put under anaesthetic for surgery this year was a big shock for us, you can read about her accident here, but to cut it short she had a accident in the evening and the first thing the next morning we was up at the hospital waiting for her to have surgery, as you can imagine we didn't have much time to prepare her or ourselves for it. But I hope this may help you with what to expect and ways to make it more of a pleasant experience (if that is even possible) for you and your little one. 

So firstly your going to need to pack a bag for your little one, we knew Isla would only be in for the day so I didnt need to go to crazy. But what I did was 

- Sort out a comfy outfit for travelling to and from the hospital.
- Pack your Childs favourite toy / comforter.
- A pillow, for your child to use or even for yourself as those hospital chairs are so uncomfy! 
- Pyjamas (if overnight stay)
- Slippers / socks as when they are in their gown they will need to walk around.
- A favourite book.
- An iPad .. luckily Isla was given one by the hospital for when she was wheeled down to the surgery room, she was so happy with it and it definitely kept her calm while they was putting the cannula in her hand, so maybe take your own for this time in case your hospital don't provide this. 
- Change for the car park.
- A magazine or book for yourself to read while your little one is having surgery. 

All About The Bride | Wedding Series

So today I am going to be talking about one of the most important things when getting married.... the dress. I know everybody is different when shopping, some like to try multiple shops and shop around, or there are people like me who just stick to one shop and won't leave empty handed! That is exactly what I did back in February 2016, the day before my Birthday to be exact, and it was only 2 days until the wedding being 1 year away! So in my head I had an idea of what I wanted, but I definitely picked the complete opposite to what I imagined. In fact the dress I went for was the 2nd dress I tried on, and I tried on LOADS of dresses, to give a rough idea we was in the shop for over 3 hours so that gives an idea of all the different styles I tried on, from princess cut to fish tails. 

I finally narrowed it down to 2 dresses, but between them both was a £1000 difference in the price! I know you should just go with the one that feels right but I just couldn't justify the price of it for one day, so I went with the second dress. I still loved it and felt emotional in it, the dress I went for was the Lillian West 6410 it is a beautiful dress with amazing detail on it, the top has sequins, pearls and beads on it and the back of the dress is what I loved the most, it meant after the ceremony I could take my veil off and show off another side to my dress, it also glistened beautifully during our first dance and was very comfortable for the whole day. I did have the dress altered as the only way to get into it was from the bottom, I had a seamstress put poppers into one of the shoulder straps and that way I was able to stand into the dress and pull it up. I also needed the dress made shorter, I probably needed a good 4-5 inches off of it! 


I got my veil at the same time as my dress, as I put a deposit down that day they included my veil in free of charge, which saved us a few hundred pounds! It was a beautiful cathedral length veil with lace on the edging in places with little beading details, it complimented my dress beautifully, I did only wear it for the ceremony as it was such a faff to walk around with. We also had a incident of it falling out as we got ready to walk out the ceremony together, which resulted in me pulling it out and throwing it on the floor and then proceeding to walk out leaving it behind! 

Me & Mine | June

June was a stressful month for us, with no luck finding a new home we was getting really panicked, thankfully a week before we needed to leave our landlord had changed her mind and so we were saved! We was all feeling a bit overwhelmed from the emotions and so we booked a last minute break to Haven for a long weekend. We had some much needed family time and the kids had a blast, who knew sleeping in a caravan could be so fun! We stayed at Caister-On-Sea, and the beach was amazing that we made sure we visited it every day while we was there. 

Isla had her 3 settling in sessions at school this month, I think she done well and hopefully doesn't seem too nervous about starting in September. I cant believe how quick it is coming around, we are now focusing on getting her all ready for school, with lots of uniform items to get, and activities to do to prepare her, I'm sure we will be kept busy over the 6 week holidays. I am hoping we can be really busy and make the most of them before she starts school, I know Archie will be so upset when she is gone 5 days a week! 

Archie is growing and talking more and more everyday, he is so confident with everything he does which is great but can also be quite challenging at times. We have been looking at possibly getting him into nursery for a day a week, with Isla starting school he is going to miss her a lot, so one day a week to socialise and be away from Mummy will do him great. He also starts football classes this weekend, we are all so looking forward to watching him go, I think it will be great for him to get active and make some friends, at the moment we have booked him in for 6 weeks to see how he likes it, its mostly independent play at this age and nothing is forced against them, although if he'd love to become a professional football player that would be great too. 

Daddy is still enjoying work, I cant believe its almost been a year of him being at his new job. He really enjoyed our recent break away and we would love to go back again soon. He is so excited to take Archie to his football lessons, and also has enjoyed taking him to gymnastics as well for some father and son time. 

Mummy is feeling a lot better after all the recent stress and worries, we can finally relax and enjoy the rest of this year as a family. I am so excited to be doing the kids bedrooms a makeover at the end of this month too, its about time we made this house a home and now we know we can stay here we can finally make it more cosy. We can focus on holidays and getting things booked, we can just relax so much I cant even explain how much better we all feel now the stress has been lifted. Onwards and upwards from now on! 

The Me and Mine Project

Mummy & Me | June

Okay I'm gonna be honest, these photos are getting so hard to get! Especially with Arch, he just doesn't want to be held or sat still for more than a second, this little boy is always on the go, he's not got time for photos hence this awkward pose of me trying to keep him still just for the camera to focus and take the photo! These beautiful beach shots are from a recent trip to Caister-On-Sea at Haven, we booked a last minute trip and had a very much needed break as a family. When I look at these photos I cant quite believe how big my two are, there is no way I could be picking them both up at the same time anymore! 

As much as this little one loves his Daddy, I think deep down he is a bit of a Mumma's Boy! The way he runs up to me and cuddles me to say Hi when I have only been gone 10 minutes melts my heart. He loves his kisses and cuddles he gets from me, but he also loves the way Daddy throws him around (in a playful way!) he is growing up every single day, and we are both excited for September when we can have some special time together when big Sis goes to school. 

Living Arrows | 26/52

We spent a long weekend at Haven in Great Yarmouth, it was so lovely to just take some time out and spend some quality time together as a family. We didn't capture to much of our break as we all decided it would be best to keep phones at the caravans and occasionally bring out the camera. The difference it made was unbelievable, we all seemed to bond more as a family and I loved watching the kids play whereas I normally would be looking down at my phone scrolling through Instagram etc. 

^ I love this shot I got of my girl, she really is into her flowers at the moment, thankfully she knows to just look and not to pick them! She was admiring the pink flowers, her favourites apparently and it wasn't until afterwards when I looked at this photo, that I realised just how grown up she is looking these days. 

^ This boy loved playing in the sand, this photo was captured as we had all packed up and was walking back to our caravan, but our cheeky boy just had to stop and continue playing whilst occasionally staring at me, giving me the "you can wait for me Mummy, I'm busy playing right now" look. I was left behind waiting for him to finish playing in the sand as you do!

Living Arrows

Living Arrows | 25/52

This weeks photo comes from yesterday, it was Fathers Day and so we headed to my parents house to spend the day with them. The weather was so hot that the littles were getting a bit restless and to be straight to the point "grumpy" so we headed to the beach, all 4 of us in our wetsuits to go for a swim in the sea. It is something I remember doing as a child, even as a teenager and so it was so bittersweet to be swimming to the rafts with my own 2 children, hoping that one day they to will be doing the same and creating the same memories I did. Can we just take a moment to look at my just 2 year old, why does he look about 5!? He has really caught up with his sister now who is twice his age! I didn't manage to capture any photos of us in the sea, as we was all swimming together. I also forgot to take a photo of them in their life jackets, they look so funny together in these big orange jackets with their tiny legs coming out from them! Thankfully everyone around here goes out looking the same so walking down the street like this doesn't look strange! 

They both had so much fun floating in the sea and going over the waves, they thought it was the funniest thing. I cant wait to spend more of summer down at the beach, lets just hope this weather stays around!

Living Arrows

Siblings | June

These two have been so sweet this past month, they are loving the warmer weather and are enjoying the summer so much, I hope these will be the memories they talk about forever. I still think back to summer 2006 etc and all the things I did as a child and I can imagine them doing the same in years to come. They compliment each other so well in situations, with Isla being shy but able to do more things, she loves to teach her brother how to do things just like her, and then Archie, our wild out going child who gives Isla the confidence she needs to take part in activities. It is so lovely to see what they gain out of each other, and of course the biggest thing is that they have one another to play with, and boy is it so nice to just sit and watch their imaginations come to life. These photos are of them having a little break from the paddling pool, they were talking about something and I was just sitting watching them in awe, look how similar in size they both are as well! I love the second photo of Isla putting her arm around Arch, she is so loving towards him, when she wants to be anyway! 

Living Arrows | 24/52

This past week has been a funny with the weather, I could tell the children were getting a bit bored of being inside, it wasn't warm enough to go in the pool in the garden and I just feel they are a bit tired of playing with the same garden toys. So I went on Pinterest and found a great easy little activity for them to do. I simply filled a bowl with water and placed some plastic dinosaurs inside, stuck it in the freezer and once it was frozen they could use any objects they could find outside (I provided the spoons) to help them get the dinosaurs out. It was lovely watching them together, Archie spent some time watching Isla and what exactly she was doing and then he would try. 

^ The look on his face when he could see a bit of dinosaur poking through!

The Importance Of A Toddler Formula Milk...

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Getting the correct nutrients and vitamins into your toddler can be a difficult task to say the least, even more so if like me you have a bit of a fussy eater. It is a worry and something that I do think about often, and so that is where a toddler milk comes in. I hadn't really looked too much into toddler milks before, but since I have I can see how much  of a benefit they really can be. This post includes a paid for advertisement from SMA® Nutrition. 

SMA® PRO Toddler Milk contains NUTRI-STEPS®, a unique blend of ingredients - vitamin D, calcium, iron, iodine and omega 3 & 6 - to help support your toddlers' foundation for life. Just 2 x 200ml servings of SMA® PRO Toddler Milk provides toddlers with 108% of the RI* for vitamin D. This is something we definitely lack during the winter months as vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, and also through eating plenty of salmon, eggs or foods with added vitamin D. This can also be difficult if you have a toddler who isn't keen on the texture of eggs etc. SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable from 1 - 3 years.

My Kitchen Essentials *

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, and in our house it is one of my favourite rooms, we have a open plan kitchen that is linked with our lounge/diner and so the kitchen always has to be clean and fresh. One thing I love to have in the kitchen are some good appliances,  I just find they really help me with cooking, especially being a busy Mum its essential to have anything that can help me to save time. 

A Combination Microwave

A combination microwave is excellent for smaller kitchens, and like I said above to help you save time on cooking for yourself or your family. These Panasonic combination microwaves are brilliant, some have the ability to steam your food ensuring its cooked in a healthier way while preserving vitamins, some can also grill and bake making the possibilities endless. Most of them are flat bed meaning you can fit more into them, even a casserole dish! We use our microwave multiple times a day, and by having one that can do more than just heat can be so useful. I cant believe there is a microwave that can also steam your food, what a genius idea. I love the design of these as well, and having a kitchen that is open plan I love the modern look that they have. One of the main things I love to make in my microwave is a quick mug cake, perfect for when your craving something sweet but don't want the faff of cooking a cake and making load of mess, I normally use this recipe from BBC Good Food, just with added chocolate chunks in. 

A Pressure Cooker

This I love using when in a rush for dinner, being a busy Mum who is always on the go it can mean dinner can be late at times, but ever since I have had my Tefal Cook4me I can ensure we can eat somewhat on time after a busy day and the meal still be healthy and freshly made. I love the design and look of this, it doesn't look awful on my kitchen sides and again I love the modern look of it. I also have some recipes that I have made in it on the blog if you're interested, we love making a curry in it the most and I love the technology features it has like being able to connect with my mobile phone. 

Living Arrows | 22/52

There is just something about the beach for us as a family, its our happy place, the place where we all come and leave our troubles at home, a place to unwind and just enjoy being a family. With the weather now actually being a bit warmer it means when Daddy is on late shifts we can escape to the beach for the morning before he heads off to work. We had a lovely morning out last week and we managed to capture some really nice photos, I didn't want overly posed ones this day, just ones of the kids acting natural, I was snapping away without them knowing - so you may see quite a few photos on the next few posts from this day. 

^ This little boy loves the sea and anything to do with water.

^ Building sand castles together.

^ She loves collecting shells and bringing them to me.