Me & Mine | January

Ah January, what a month you have been, it appears its just been a blur as we have taken a little longer to get back into a routine and back to normal than hoped. We really enjoyed Christmas and having Daddy here lots, it was so strange when he went back to work and even worse when it was time to do the pre-school run again. In between adjusting back, being poorly and having 100s of appointments/meetings (ok maybe a slight exaggeration) I finally feel that we are getting back to normal. That being said we are on the countdown now until our Wedding on the 25th February, so I guess things are about to get a little crazy again, but we are looking forward to having a month of excitement, love and craziness. This months photos are from a chilled Sunday afternoon walk on the beach, and can I just take a moment to say how much harder it is this year to get these photos, all Arch wants to do is run away, Isla pulls funny faces (see last photo) and the camera timer is just not long enough. 

Mummy & Me | January

So this month we have been in a bit of a blur, its taken a little while to get back into the swing of nursery runs, routine, as well as all the wedding planning going on and appointments at the moment, I don't know if I am coming or going. We have all at some point been poorly and it seems we are all only just getting better, I just want spring to hurry up now so we can all get out more. So these photos with Isla were taken right before we set off to her friends Birthday party, I swear this girl has a better social life than me sometimes! She was so excited bless her, and it was nice as Archie stayed with Daddy so the focus was more on her for a little while. I get such mixed responses, some say Isla is my twin, others say she is Daddy's double... let me know what you think. 

Unfortunately me and my little man haven't had any photos together this month which makes me a little sad, we have been so busy this past week with lots of wedding stuff that I just haven't had the chance to stop and think. Definitely going to make sure this doesn't happen again, and I know for sure we will have lots of photos together next month! 

Living Arrows | 4/52

There is nothing we love more than a walk along the beach, whether that is in the summer or the winter, we still find it just as enjoyable. After us all being stuck in the past week feeling unwell it was the perfect place to go for a Sunday afternoon walk to blow away the cob webs! We wrapped up all cosy and headed to the beach and was lucky enough to catch the sunset. I will let the photos speak for themselves, although the bit we didn't capture was at the end when Archie decided to run out on the mud banks and then fall on his bum into the water! Then he just sat there refusing to move, so Daddy had to run out to him in his brand new trainers oops! 

Siblings | January

I can't believe we are almost at the end of January already!? It feels like yesterday I was sharing December's photos of my two, which are still my favourite ones of them! This month has been surprisingly good for this duo, I was expecting worse considering Isla only went back to pre school 2 weeks ago, but these two were getting on so well I was actually sad about splitting them up again. Since getting new toys for Christmas they have both settled down a lot, I don't know if that is because they are new things to keep them occupied or just because we got them more of what they already had, but its been so lovely watching them play together nicely. I feel like Archie is really starting to catch Isla up now, they both have scooters, both have bikes (Archie is so close to pedalling) and both seem to enjoy the same things. 

They both love exploring together, and just being cheeky towards one another, which sometimes can go a little to far eek. They both seem similar yet different in their own ways, they both love to help me around the house, well Archie more as Isla has since become this 4 year old Princess (thats another story!) but I love having them around now, I can leave them to play together so nicely and don't have to sit waiting for fights to happen so much anymore. It makes me sad to think that in September these two will be separated a lot more when Isla starts school, in some ways I am looking forward to the 1 on 1 time with Archie and how much more I will be able to do with him, which I think I will need to as he will be missing Isla!

Living Arrows | 3/52

I feel like these photos best sum up our week, both kiddies have been unwell and I have also been suffering with ulcers in my mouth - not so fun when it hurts to eat, drink and talk, so I have been a tad miserable this week! In between pre-school runs our days have been spent like this, all cuddled up on the sofa watching Disney films. We are lucky that when we booked our Disneyland Paris trip we got given a box set of all the Disney Pixar films and so we have been watching them all in yearly order! We are all feeling a lot better now so it is time for me to catch up and get this house running again, as this week the house work and washing took a huge strike - yikes!

Living Arrows

Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Dresses | Wedding Series

Today I thought I would share with you my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, I had an idea in my head how I wanted them to look and I think I found the perfect dresses for them! Our colours are silvers, greys and hints of baby blue, so I wasn't sure what colour I was going for as I did think the baby blue would be nice, but then I thought to match the wedding better maybe grey would be best. I had in mind the style I wanted and luckily came across these Little Mistress dresses, they come in a whole variety of beautiful colours too! I went for the grey and really love the colour of them, I think they are perfect for the winter wedding and theme we are having.

I love the detail at the top of the dress, it just adds a bit of sparkle and breaks the dress up a bit, and being a winter wedding I like the style at the top with the straps being quite wide. They also suit a lot of body type as they flow out from under the bust and aren't tight fitting dresses. 

Living Arrows | 2/52

This week we have been at home mostly, the calm before the storm so to speak as Isla is back at pre-school this week, so we have all enjoyed slowly getting back into our routine a little. The kids have really enjoyed playing with all their new toys and I have to admit so have I! This week these two have really enjoyed playing shops together, although I have noticed that Archie sometimes forgets to pay yikes! 

Christmas Day 2016

Christmas Day this year was a busy one, I was awake at 3:30am and nudging Perry to tell him that it was Christmas, to say he was impressed would be an understatement! I finally drifted back off to sleep around 5:30am and was then woken by a shocked noise by Isla at 8:20am as she had got out of bed and opened her door to see her full stocking! I sat straight up so I could see her face as she come in and then we went to get Archie up so he could come into our room as well, we sat and watched the kids open their stocking on our bed and it was the most magical thing ever, they both loved everything they received and seemed so happy with just the stocking. We headed down stairs after 20 minutes and the kids could finally see all of their Christmas presents in their own piles, Isla went straight over and wanted to start unwrapping hers, Arch on the other hand was just so happy and smiley, he headed into the kitchen to find himself some breakfast! 

Archie's 20 Month Update

I realised I haven't done a update in Archie for ages now and I wish I had as I remember doing a lot more of them with Isla. Archie turned 20 months old on Monday, I can't believe in 4 months he will be 2!? He still seems like my baby, which is weird because at this age Isla felt more grown up because she was the only child we had at the time, whereas now compared to Isla Archie just seems like a baby still.

So he now weighs 2 stone 2, he is 34.5 inches (2ft 8) in height and wears size 5+ nappies, 2-3 year tops and 18-24 bottoms, he currently wears a size 5.5 shoes but probably could do with the next size up soon. His eyes are blue and his hair is blonde, we did get it cut when he was 16 months old but it could do with another cut any day now as it is starting to look a little too long at the back and sides. He is incredibly strong and can get himself anywhere he needs to go, and can also get his 4 year old sister to the ground! 

Personality wise he is so confident and within a few minutes he will be playing with our guests and handing them cars to play with, this is something new for us as Isla was still is so so shy and takes a lot longer to warm up to people, but she is getting better. Isla gives Archie so much help though, he copies everything she does and so he is so grown up in many ways. He loves to clean and I will find him putting rubbish in the bin for me, when he's finished a snack he will put anything he doesn't want in the bin and then his bowl into the sink, if I get the hoover out he grabs his toy hoover and helps me. He loves being outdoors, as soon as I mention going out he is under the stairs in the cupboard getting his shoes and reaching for his coat. Although getting him into the pushchair.... just doesn't happen, and when you need to get out the door for school runs its not easy! He happily walks and holds my hand but the novelty is wearing off and now he just wants to run off, he honestly thinks he's 5! 

He's taken a real interest in football, as we walked past some boys playing on the field he ran over, they let him kick the ball into the goal and he was actually pretty good! I was quite surprised as we aren't really into football so maybe I need to buy him one! He is of course still in love with cars, he is cars mad and loves lining them up for a race. He also loves playing with the toy kitchen and makes all the noises to wash his hands and make food. He loves to dance and I will often catch him wiggling his bum, he is also a dare devil and gives me numerous heart attacks every day as he jumps from our foot stall onto the sofa from a distance! We no longer have a stair gate at the top of the stairs as he has confidently gone down them for months and so it was pointless and just a trip hazard at the top of the stairs, mostly for me! 

He loves brushing his teeth at the moment, and to be groomed - he sits and looks at himself in the mirror as I blow dry and brush his hair! He hates getting dressed or changing his nappy, its like trying to wrestle a alligator! Although in some ways he is so grown up and loving, in others he's at a very tiring age, he has me on my toes all day! He also has started throwing huge tantrums, at home and in public which has been hard work, I just need to remember its a phase and won't last forever. He knows what he wants and how to get it, he helps himself to food and knows how to tell me what he wants by showing me. I can't believe how well he is doing, I know a lot of it comes from his big sister but he also does stuff that blows me away at how clever he can really be. 

Living Arrows | 1/52

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth" - Kahlil Gibran

This year I have decided to start Living Arrows - created by the lovely Donna. I knew it was a linky I wanted to join in with as I love capturing photos of my two and this would be the perfect way to share all those photos I take. So every Monday I will be sharing some photos of my two either together or one of each of them from the previous week, I'm looking forward to seeing what photos I can capture as I am keen to improve my photography this year. 

These photos are from Christmas (so just over a week - my bad) but I don't know about you but I have been all over the place since Christmas and I am looking forward to having our normal routine and schedule back this week! Hopefully then I will feel more organised and not all over the place with everything. 

Living Arrows