Christmas Day 2016

Christmas Day this year was a busy one, I was awake at 3:30am and nudging Perry to tell him that it was Christmas, to say he was impressed would be an understatement! I finally drifted back off to sleep around 5:30am and was then woken by a shocked noise by Isla at 8:20am as she had got out of bed and opened her door to see her full stocking! I sat straight up so I could see her face as she come in and then we went to get Archie up so he could come into our room as well, we sat and watched the kids open their stocking on our bed and it was the most magical thing ever, they both loved everything they received and seemed so happy with just the stocking. We headed down stairs after 20 minutes and the kids could finally see all of their Christmas presents in their own piles, Isla went straight over and wanted to start unwrapping hers, Arch on the other hand was just so happy and smiley, he headed into the kitchen to find himself some breakfast! 

Isla was loving opening her presents and was proudly telling us all what she had received, Archie started to show a interest and opened some presents but just wanted to play with them and wasn't to bothered about the rest, we didn't want to force him to open them so his pile took ageeeees to go down. I was very lucky this year and got some new head phones, a electric toothbrush, a Dyson cordless hoover and some other bits, we all loved our new presents and felt very lucky! I got the kids dressed and we packed a bag for them and headed to my mums for 1pm, when we got there the children had more presents to open and then not long after we was sitting down for a yummy dinner cooked by my parents, there was 10 of us all together and it was so lovely to catch up with family and have dinner with them, followed by dessert (M&S Profiteroles) which my Mum always has to buy me every year, mmm mmm. 

We couldn't stay to long unfortunately and so by 3:30pm we was getting back into the car to head to Perry's Mums house (1 hour away) where all of his family was. We was greeted by a huge mountain of presents for the children and so Isla got stuck into them while Archie just ate all of the party food! They was both so lucky to receive so much this year, although I do feel a little too much as we filled our whole boot, middle section and even in the front with me with presents! Archie never opened any so we saved them for the next day and he basically had another Christmas morning all over again! We had a few drinks and had a catch up with them and then it was time to get back into the car.

We then headed to Perry's Dads house around 8:30pm as we was in the area and the kids had a few more presents to open, we spent some time with him before heading home exhausted around 10pm. It was tiring but we still had a lovely day, it also meant we see all our family in the one day and could enjoy Boxing Day on our own and the days after that. Last year we spent Christmas Day on our own and then had to use up 2/3 other days seeing family, so I am still unsure how I prefer to spend the day yet. It was nice to just get it all out of the way in 1 day but it also didn't really feel like we had a Christmas Day, but we made up for it the day after and even cooked our own turkey and had another dinner just the 4 of us. 

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