Living Arrows | 1/52

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth" - Kahlil Gibran

This year I have decided to start Living Arrows - created by the lovely Donna. I knew it was a linky I wanted to join in with as I love capturing photos of my two and this would be the perfect way to share all those photos I take. So every Monday I will be sharing some photos of my two either together or one of each of them from the previous week, I'm looking forward to seeing what photos I can capture as I am keen to improve my photography this year. 

These photos are from Christmas (so just over a week - my bad) but I don't know about you but I have been all over the place since Christmas and I am looking forward to having our normal routine and schedule back this week! Hopefully then I will feel more organised and not all over the place with everything. 

Living Arrows


  1. Yay so excited to see you joining in too! I can't believe how grown up Archie looks in that photo! Xx

    1. I know he's got so big recently! Cant believe he is 2 soon xx

  2. Lovely festive photos. Excited to see you join in and to see your duo grow over the year x

  3. So lovely to see you linking up! Thanks so much for taking part - I love how wrapped up warm the children are and I can't wait to watch them grow through the year x

  4. Love the top photo, impressive getting them both in sync for the photo. Love your tree, really pretty #livingarrows

  5. Lovely photos, especially loving the one of them both sat together. Look forward to watching them grow over the year xx #LivingArrows


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