Mummy & Me | March

March has been lovely, with the evenings getting lighter, the days getting warmer, it has meant we have been getting out lots, to the park, for walks and even on the beach. It has given me a snippet of what is to come in the next few weeks, and I literally can not wait! This months photos are from Mothers Day, right before we went out for dinner. Im not going to lie, we should of realised at this point that we shouldn't of gone, but as we had paid a deposit we couldn't afford to lose it and so we went for dinner with both children hyper, not listening, and very tired. I should also point out that it was a bit of a 'posh' place and so I had tears in my eyes as my darling children became monsters at the table... Its a good job I love them! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Living Arrows | 12/52

We visited a farm on Saturday and we had such a good day out, both children absolutely loved it and I felt they come out of their shell even more. Both of them being so brave with stroking lambs, owls and they both even chased a hen that had got out! There was quite a few rides at the farm which made it even more exciting for them both, the highlights for each of them involved a slide..

Isla decided she wanted to go down a big inflatable slide, she run off and by the time we got near we found her wellies at the bottom and she was half way up the rope climbing wall to get to the top. The first few times she went down on her belly, but by the third time she was jumping in the air and then flying down on her bum, it was so rewarding to see her confidence grow in such a short amount of time. 

Siblings | March

How beautiful has this weather been recently? My two are loving playing in the garden, going out to the park in the lighter evenings, riding their scooters together and visiting the beach for sunny walks. They play together so much better now, I was interested to see how they would play outside, as last year Arch was still quite young and Isla did her own thing, but now the two of them join together and play outside for hours, it usually ends with me calling them in to wash their hands ready for dinner! Their favourite thing to do is play pirates on their climbing frame (or ship as they call it) and I just love sitting and listening to them play, Isla creates all the imagination and Arch gets excited and joins in with screams - as the sharks are coming! They make such a good little team together now and I cant wait to see them bond together this summer, its going to be so lovely to watch, although sad at the same time as Miss I will be starting school in September and that is something we don't feel ready for here. 

Size wise they are getting closer, and Archie can almost do everything Isla can, it also helps that the boy has no fear whatsoever and if anything he gives Isla more confidence as he will always do things first followed by her seeing that actually it is OK. Isla gives Archie guidance and helps him with things and so together they bounce off of one another nicely, but then they can also be a mischievous little duo and most definitely keep me on my toes. We have recently made a few little changes to our bedtime routine and they both love this time of day, we dance and tidy up and they think its the best thing ever and that I'm such a cool mum - Islas words not mine! I wonder what they will look like next month, fingers crossed the weather will still be nice. 

Living Arrows | 11/52

The weather has been so lovely recently and we have definitely been making the most of it, luckily where we live is pretty quiet so I can take the kids out on their scooters without having to worry to much, and it also means not getting stuck at the park for hours instead. We popped out this morning for them to stretch their legs and get some fresh air, none of us were in coats, it was amazing! 

Living Arrows

Me & Mine | February

Ok so I know this is super late but I feel like I have good enough reason, we got married on the 25th February and have just got our photos back, so I can now share with you our family photos from February! So they were a bit of a fail, both children were so excited and hyper with everything that was going on they didn't want to be in any photos, we just couldn't keep them still. Lucikly we managed to get a couple of family shots of the 4 of us, Archie was wriggling so much and we was both tired of smiling by now but hey, it was a special day and Im glad we have these to look back on now. Archie also had dirty shoes and I was trying to not let him ruin my dress so early on into the day, hence the awkward hold haha! 

But I love these photos as they are a first of us as a Husband and Wife with our family, all with the same name. 

The Me and Mine Project

We Are Married!

We did it, we are finally married and now Husband and Wife! We got married last weekend on Saturday and on the Monday went off to the Cotswolds for some quality time together, a mini-moon so to speak. Our Wedding day was absolutely perfect and amazing, I still can't stop smiling about it all. Although it went so SO incredibly fast, and everyone told me that it would, but I didn't think it would go as quick as it did. I cant wait to share all of the details and loads of photos of the day, but for now I thought I would just leave you with a photo of my new Husband and I...