Living Arrows | 12/52

We visited a farm on Saturday and we had such a good day out, both children absolutely loved it and I felt they come out of their shell even more. Both of them being so brave with stroking lambs, owls and they both even chased a hen that had got out! There was quite a few rides at the farm which made it even more exciting for them both, the highlights for each of them involved a slide..

Isla decided she wanted to go down a big inflatable slide, she run off and by the time we got near we found her wellies at the bottom and she was half way up the rope climbing wall to get to the top. The first few times she went down on her belly, but by the third time she was jumping in the air and then flying down on her bum, it was so rewarding to see her confidence grow in such a short amount of time. 

Archie also found a love of the curly tube slide, Daddy was going to put him on his lap but he just wanted to be on his own, so he let him go. I guess it is time to start realising that he is almost 2 and probably wants to do these things like a big boy now. He giggled all the way down and couldn't wait to go back for more turns, he had such a blast at the farm and we cant wait to return again soon.

Living Arrows

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  1. Both Athena and Troy absolutely love those inflatable slides - it looks like you had such a great day! x


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