Me & Mine | February

Ok so I know this is super late but I feel like I have good enough reason, we got married on the 25th February and have just got our photos back, so I can now share with you our family photos from February! So they were a bit of a fail, both children were so excited and hyper with everything that was going on they didn't want to be in any photos, we just couldn't keep them still. Lucikly we managed to get a couple of family shots of the 4 of us, Archie was wriggling so much and we was both tired of smiling by now but hey, it was a special day and Im glad we have these to look back on now. Archie also had dirty shoes and I was trying to not let him ruin my dress so early on into the day, hence the awkward hold haha! 

But I love these photos as they are a first of us as a Husband and Wife with our family, all with the same name. 

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. These are still so lovely, you're such a beautiful family! These did remind me of our failed family wedding photos though.. so I know the struggle haha xx


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