Living Arrows |15/52

We had such a lovely day last week, the weather was beautiful, clear blue skies shining from the moment we opened our eyes, and so I knew it was going to be a sunny warm day and there is only one place we like to be when its like that... the beach! We headed to the beach in the morning and stayed for the afternoon, it was so lovely watching the two of them play and explore shells, sea weed and dig for treasures. We cant wait to spend more time at the beach as the weather gets warmer.. 

Little man loved exploring, I can tell he's really going to be a beach babe this year, come on summer we are waiting for you!

Living Arrows


  1. Lovely beach shots, I am itching for a beach day soon (we live about as far away as you can get!) #livingarrows

  2. You cannot beat a day at the beach - your children look just so happy there! x


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