The Importance Of A Toddler Formula Milk...

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Getting the correct nutrients and vitamins into your toddler can be a difficult task to say the least, even more so if like me you have a bit of a fussy eater. It is a worry and something that I do think about often, and so that is where a toddler milk comes in. I hadn't really looked too much into toddler milks before, but since I have I can see how much  of a benefit they really can be. This post includes a paid for advertisement from SMA® Nutrition. 

SMA® PRO Toddler Milk contains NUTRI-STEPS®, a unique blend of ingredients - vitamin D, calcium, iron, iodine and omega 3 & 6 - to help support your toddlers' foundation for life. Just 2 x 200ml servings of SMA® PRO Toddler Milk provides toddlers with 108% of the RI* for vitamin D. This is something we definitely lack during the winter months as vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, and also through eating plenty of salmon, eggs or foods with added vitamin D. This can also be difficult if you have a toddler who isn't keen on the texture of eggs etc. SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable from 1 - 3 years.

My Kitchen Essentials *

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, and in our house it is one of my favourite rooms, we have a open plan kitchen that is linked with our lounge/diner and so the kitchen always has to be clean and fresh. One thing I love to have in the kitchen are some good appliances,  I just find they really help me with cooking, especially being a busy Mum its essential to have anything that can help me to save time. 

A Combination Microwave

A combination microwave is excellent for smaller kitchens, and like I said above to help you save time on cooking for yourself or your family. These Panasonic combination microwaves are brilliant, some have the ability to steam your food ensuring its cooked in a healthier way while preserving vitamins, some can also grill and bake making the possibilities endless. Most of them are flat bed meaning you can fit more into them, even a casserole dish! We use our microwave multiple times a day, and by having one that can do more than just heat can be so useful. I cant believe there is a microwave that can also steam your food, what a genius idea. I love the design of these as well, and having a kitchen that is open plan I love the modern look that they have. One of the main things I love to make in my microwave is a quick mug cake, perfect for when your craving something sweet but don't want the faff of cooking a cake and making load of mess, I normally use this recipe from BBC Good Food, just with added chocolate chunks in. 

A Pressure Cooker

This I love using when in a rush for dinner, being a busy Mum who is always on the go it can mean dinner can be late at times, but ever since I have had my Tefal Cook4me I can ensure we can eat somewhat on time after a busy day and the meal still be healthy and freshly made. I love the design and look of this, it doesn't look awful on my kitchen sides and again I love the modern look of it. I also have some recipes that I have made in it on the blog if you're interested, we love making a curry in it the most and I love the technology features it has like being able to connect with my mobile phone. 

Living Arrows | 22/52

There is just something about the beach for us as a family, its our happy place, the place where we all come and leave our troubles at home, a place to unwind and just enjoy being a family. With the weather now actually being a bit warmer it means when Daddy is on late shifts we can escape to the beach for the morning before he heads off to work. We had a lovely morning out last week and we managed to capture some really nice photos, I didn't want overly posed ones this day, just ones of the kids acting natural, I was snapping away without them knowing - so you may see quite a few photos on the next few posts from this day. 

^ This little boy loves the sea and anything to do with water.

^ Building sand castles together.

^ She loves collecting shells and bringing them to me.

Mummy & Me | May

So May hasn't been the best month for me, in fact its probably been one of the hardest months of my life since becoming a Mother. Right now it is still to tender to talk about, but that is why this month in between both children suffering with chicken pox we tried to get out where we could, we headed to the beach last week and had a lovely morning before Daddy had to head off for a late shift at work. I was keen to get some photos of me and my littles as they have kept me so strong this past month, they are the reason I am still going, still smiling and they are the only ones to give me strength when I need it the most. Okay so I may have gone a little photo happy with this post but I had to many I wanted to share...

^ Goodness what a assortment of colours *covers eyes*

Our Wedding Day

So to carry on with my wedding series, I thought it was only right that I share an overview of our big day now that it is over. We had our wedding day on 25th February 2017 and it was one of the best days of my life, hands down. The day went so SO fast, and I am just so grateful we have so many photographs and a video of our big day to look back on. So I will start with the morning of the wedding, I woke up really early after only having 4 hours sleep, I was so nervous and my stomach was already feeling all over the place, I got dressed and went downstairs to iron my t-shirt and do my nails, my best friend was also with me but I left her to sleep in as it was going to be a long day for her too. Once she was up we slowly got ready and was doing a few final things before being picked up and driven to the venue. We arrived at the venue at 10:30am and went straight upstairs, my make up artist had arrived and so I went first. The morning seemed to of gone so quickly as before we knew it, 1:10pm and I wasn't even in my dress and I was getting married at 1:30pm! So yeah I was a little late, but I always think the bride should be just a little bit late ;) 

Living Arrows | 21/52

Last week we had one day out of five of good weather, and so it was only fitting that we pulled out the water slide and dusted off the cob webs from last year. It was a warm 24 degrees and very much needed for the children to cool off, especially Isla who was suffering from chicken pox, she had also been stuck in for over a week and so it was a very welcome surprise for her. Within 15 minutes of the slide being up Arch had already copied his big sister and was able to climb up to the top all by himself! They are both so crazy on this slide, but its so lovely to sit and watch them having so much fun and playing together in the water. 

Siblings | May

This month has been quite hectic, with Isla being at home mostly due to getting chicken pox after she had only been back at pre-school for a week, before that she had been off because of her accident and the Easter holidays, so as a result she's been at home a lot more lately. It has pushed our limits I must admit, being restricted to the house hasn't helped at all and poor Arch has been bored. They both have been bored and Isla very irritable which has meant they have been fighting a lot more than normal, and I have been struggling with keeping them happy and amused while being stuck in at home. Thankfully yesterday the sun decided to come out, we all got out in the garden and gave it a good tidy up, and it got so warm (26 degrees) that we all just needed to cool off and have some fun, so it was only right to get the water slide out. Isla seems to really have taken a interest in teaching her little brother things, from riding his scooter "super fast" to helping him learn to pedal on a bike, she's really trying to help him keep up bless her. So when she realised he couldn't climb up the water slide she took it upon herself to help him and show him how, of course Daddy gave some help as well but it didn't take long, we was all sat down and the next thing Arch comes flying down the slide! 

Living Arrows | 19/52

We are pretty housebound at the moment with Isla having chicken pox, its only a matter of time before she passes it on to her little brother too. The sun decided to come out for the first time on Wednesday and so we made the most of it and went into the garden, I gave all the toys a good clean from being sat outside over winter and the kids had a blast playing with their sand and water table, definitely one of my best buys from last year. 

Living Arrows

The Accident..

So its been 2 weeks now since Isla's accident, and I am only just starting to feel a bit better about it all and I hope that by getting it off my chest it will help me a bit more. Before I do start I just want to say I am in no way trying to make this out to be the worst thing to happen in the world, I know that there could of been other serious injuries to her and that worse things are happening in the world, but this is just how I felt and am feeling now. Im already in a much better place, but if like me your child has had a accident of course its natural to feel this way, and also incredibly guilty when there is actually nothing that you could of done, it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was just an accident.

Let me take you back to Tuesday 18th April, it had been a lovely day and Isla went back to pre-school after having the 2 weeks off, we was all so ready to get back to normal and Isla was so excited to be going back. She was only doing her half day and so I picked her up and we come home for lunch, I had been feeling a bit tired and poorly so when Daddy got home at 4 I took myself up to bed. Around 5pm he took both children up to the chip shop to get some tea and we all enjoyed that as a treat, both children were incredibly hyper and Isla was asking to go back out on her balance motorbike toy, so Daddy decided to take them over the park and leave me to have a bit of peace and quiet at home. 

They had been gone around half hour when my phone rang, I picked up and immediately knew something was wrong. Isla was screaming and the tone in Perry's voice when he said "I need you over the park now!" so I immediately sat up and threw on some clothes and ran out the door, I just kept going and I honestly don't know how but I did, I ran the whole way until the park was in sight. Not having my contact lenses in I couldn't quite work out where they was but I could make out an adult and child sitting on the grass so I headed over and when I knew it was them I ran towards them. When I got to her she was still crying, blood everywhere - so much of it that I am just glad they was both wearing dark clothing otherwise I think Isla would of freaked out more. I looked in her mouth and immediately cried out 'Nooo' my poor little baby girl was missing her front tooth and another tooth had been pushed right back.

I scooped her up and pretty much ran home cuddling her trying to hold back my tears, they only went to the park and now look at her. We got home and tried phoning some emergency dentists but they was all shut, so we decided to take her to A&E I needed her to be seen, I was so worried she wouldn't eat or drink anymore, she also wasn't talking and only nodding at questions. I was mostly concerned about the pushed back tooth and we wasn't sure what damage had been done to the gums and adult teeth. We was up at the hospital for hours, and finally when we was seen by a doctor he got on the phone to another hospital 30 minutes away and got her booked in for surgery the next morning, we was all exhausted, in shock and upset. The word surgery freaked me out the most, everything was just a blur after that and we finally left the hospital over 4 hours later at gone 11pm.