Mummy & Me | May

So May hasn't been the best month for me, in fact its probably been one of the hardest months of my life since becoming a Mother. Right now it is still to tender to talk about, but that is why this month in between both children suffering with chicken pox we tried to get out where we could, we headed to the beach last week and had a lovely morning before Daddy had to head off for a late shift at work. I was keen to get some photos of me and my littles as they have kept me so strong this past month, they are the reason I am still going, still smiling and they are the only ones to give me strength when I need it the most. Okay so I may have gone a little photo happy with this post but I had to many I wanted to share...

^ Goodness what a assortment of colours *covers eyes*

It was definitely all about the natural shots this month, just me and my babies and no stress of posing in front of the camera (That first photo was such hard work - hence giving up with that idea) and so in replace of "nice" photos that would be frame worthy, we ended up with these shots and I think I love them just as much as the ones I pictured in my head, oh and huge thanks to my Husband for actually picking up the camera and taking these! 


  1. Ahh these are such lovely photo's! Love a trip to the seaside! #mummyandme

  2. These are really nice seaside photographs, really nice for you to have them be candid and showing you spending real quality time with them :) #MummyAndMe

  3. I've been thinking of you lovely, sorry this month was so rubbish! These are beautiful photos though, well done Perry!! Xx


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