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The kitchen really is the heart of the home, and in our house it is one of my favourite rooms, we have a open plan kitchen that is linked with our lounge/diner and so the kitchen always has to be clean and fresh. One thing I love to have in the kitchen are some good appliances,  I just find they really help me with cooking, especially being a busy Mum its essential to have anything that can help me to save time. 

A Combination Microwave

A combination microwave is excellent for smaller kitchens, and like I said above to help you save time on cooking for yourself or your family. These Panasonic combination microwaves are brilliant, some have the ability to steam your food ensuring its cooked in a healthier way while preserving vitamins, some can also grill and bake making the possibilities endless. Most of them are flat bed meaning you can fit more into them, even a casserole dish! We use our microwave multiple times a day, and by having one that can do more than just heat can be so useful. I cant believe there is a microwave that can also steam your food, what a genius idea. I love the design of these as well, and having a kitchen that is open plan I love the modern look that they have. One of the main things I love to make in my microwave is a quick mug cake, perfect for when your craving something sweet but don't want the faff of cooking a cake and making load of mess, I normally use this recipe from BBC Good Food, just with added chocolate chunks in. 

A Pressure Cooker

This I love using when in a rush for dinner, being a busy Mum who is always on the go it can mean dinner can be late at times, but ever since I have had my Tefal Cook4me I can ensure we can eat somewhat on time after a busy day and the meal still be healthy and freshly made. I love the design and look of this, it doesn't look awful on my kitchen sides and again I love the modern look of it. I also have some recipes that I have made in it on the blog if you're interested, we love making a curry in it the most and I love the technology features it has like being able to connect with my mobile phone. 

A Slow Cooker

I lovvveee my slow cooker in the winter months, in the mornings I can just throw all the ingredients into it and not have to do a thing for the rest of the day, by dinner time we have a delicious beef or chicken stew ready to go. I really do need to explore more with it and use it to create more dinners, maybe a curry? If you have any good recipes please let me know as I would love to use it more this year. We don't have a particularly large one, I think it is a Tesco home brand one but its the right size for the 4 of us at the moment, and I just keep it in my cupboard to try and keep the sides as decluttered as I can. 

So these are a few of my kitchen essentials, what are yours? I'm on the hunt for a good which for baking, preferably a free hand one so if you can recommend one that would be fab. 

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