Our Wedding Day

So to carry on with my wedding series, I thought it was only right that I share an overview of our big day now that it is over. We had our wedding day on 25th February 2017 and it was one of the best days of my life, hands down. The day went so SO fast, and I am just so grateful we have so many photographs and a video of our big day to look back on. So I will start with the morning of the wedding, I woke up really early after only having 4 hours sleep, I was so nervous and my stomach was already feeling all over the place, I got dressed and went downstairs to iron my t-shirt and do my nails, my best friend was also with me but I left her to sleep in as it was going to be a long day for her too. Once she was up we slowly got ready and was doing a few final things before being picked up and driven to the venue. We arrived at the venue at 10:30am and went straight upstairs, my make up artist had arrived and so I went first. The morning seemed to of gone so quickly as before we knew it, 1:10pm and I wasn't even in my dress and I was getting married at 1:30pm! So yeah I was a little late, but I always think the bride should be just a little bit late ;) 

The ceremony was a blur, I felt like I was drunk for it as when we come out I couldn't remember a thing, it went so fast it felt like 5 minutes and I had been worrying so much but in actual fact it wasn't so bad. I remember standing at the front looking at the flowers on the table thinking to myself "Ooo yes I remember picking them now, don't they look fab" I was then asked to say some words and completely blagged the whole thing as I hadn't even been listening... Its a good job I had been revising them! Before we knew it we was signing the register than stood back up to walk down the aisle together as Husband and Wife, we was greeted by 2 glasses of champagne as we walked out and we went and stood back in the house to greet all of our guests as they walked out. Everyone enjoyed a glass of champagne, beers or orange juice and canapés while we had a little catch up with everyone, it was the best feeling ever knowing the worst (for me) was over and I could now enjoy the rest of the day.

We then had our formal photos taken, it was a bit windy outside as we was on the tail end of Storm Doris and so we had them inside. I wasn't disappointed at all as actually the room is really pretty and airy, we seemed to be taking photos forever and after a while my jaw was aching from smiling so much! We managed to head outside for a big group photo before coming back inside for the confetti throw, we picked to do it under the staircase (the venue wouldn't allow us to use confetti outside the building) and I am glad we did as the photos are quite impressive and the photographer was pleased with how they came out. 

I want to share more photos in detailed posts so I will only put a couple here of the beautiful hall that we had the reception in. I was so pleased with how it turned out, and all the months of planning was for this moment and it all worked out amazingly. We had a few photos by the winter wonderland trees that we had bought, these turned out to be a huge hit with everyone. We then done a greeting line and gave everyone a kiss and cuddle as they walked into the hall, and then we was called in as a Mr and Mrs and took our seats at the top table. The food was amazing we had picked a leek and potato soup with crusty bread to start, a chicken roast dinner for our main and chocolate profiteroles for dessert, it was all freshly cooked and tasted amazing, everyone was complimenting on it.

In between the last 2 courses we were grabbed by our photographers to have some photos outside before it got to dark, we used a umbrella and the photos are beautiful. It was so nice to get away together and have some chats in-between posing for photos. We rushed back inside as our desserts were waiting on the table for us, being my favourite I couldn't wait to get back inside! After everyone had finished it was now time to go outside again with all of our guests, we had bought some sparklers and so it was time to use them, everyone lined up in 2 rows as we walked up and down the middle until they had all run out. They was so worth it and everyone seemed to love doing it, who could not smile while using a sparkler. 

Once back inside it was time for the speeches, I know this is what Perry had been dreading the most, well all 3 of the men doing speeches were absolutely terrified and nervous for this time, but they all did so well and some of the words said will be treasured forever. After the speeches it was time to all get up and mingle, and the next thing we knew it was 7:15pm and all of the evening guests were arriving, I just remember being on a huge high and was loving every single minute of the day. We also had a Photo Booth that was being set up at this time as well, everyone couldn't wait to get into it and this proved to be a huge hit as well with all the guests. 

Next it was time to cut the cake and then have our first dance, the song we chose was John Legend - Stay With You. The lyrics are beautiful and it just seemed like a lovely song to dance to, I remember before the day I had been nervous about the dance but on the night I was just on this high I didn't care at all! Everyone gathered around the entrance to the dance floor and watched us dance while Archie ran up and down, it was a lovely moment. After this the cake was served with the evening buffet and the sweet table was opened for everyone to get stuck in. I was so impressed that I had not needed a wee all day and I also kept my heels on all day as well, although the last 30 minutes of the night they were killing me. 

We headed back outside for some photographs in the rain, they turned out AMAZING and we are so in love with them, we definitely made the rain work for us! We cant wait to get these printed off and hung on the wall. I think the photos speak for themselves so I will leave a few here... 

Finally it was 12am and the wedding was over, everyone was calling for their cabs while other guests staying at the venue headed back to their rooms. Perry and I walked over to our honeymoon cottage and awaiting for us was a bottle of champagne next to the hot tub that had been switched on with petals in, the venue had also kindly sliced some wedding cake and fruit for us which was on a lovely serving platter on the table for us to enjoy. I couldn't wait to get my shoes and dress off and jump into the hot tub, which I may or may not have spent way to long in! 

Our day was just perfect and still gets talked about today, I am so glad with how it went and I don't regret anything. It was all amazing and the few little touches that I ran out of time to do didn't matter at all, everyone still had an amazing day, and I got to marry my best friend. I will now be going into more detail about it all in upcoming posts. 


  1. Oh Tara, what an absolutely beautiful day! The rain pictures are definitely my favourite.. so different and beautiful!! xx

  2. Oh my these photos are stunning!!! Great choice of photographer! You and Perry look so happy <3 xx

  3. Wow these are absolutely gorgeous - I love the umbrella photos so much but the ones with the back of your dress and the one of the two of you dancing infront of the letters are just as stunning. Definitely a beautiful reminder of a lovely day. I remember the same feeling at my wedding of looking at things I'd sorted like the flowers and mentally congratulating myself!!! It goes so quickly though doesn't it?!

  4. What amazing photos! I really regret not getting a video done of our wedding. It goes by in such a blur that now, 4 years on, there are bits I struggle to remember

  5. Wow you're photos are stunning! Love the dress! I want a photo booth at my wedding (if I ever get one that is!!) 😂

  6. Beautiful pictures. Hope you had a great day x

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Congratulations to you.

  8. Your pictures are stunning! It reminds me of my wedding day!


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