Siblings | May

This month has been quite hectic, with Isla being at home mostly due to getting chicken pox after she had only been back at pre-school for a week, before that she had been off because of her accident and the Easter holidays, so as a result she's been at home a lot more lately. It has pushed our limits I must admit, being restricted to the house hasn't helped at all and poor Arch has been bored. They both have been bored and Isla very irritable which has meant they have been fighting a lot more than normal, and I have been struggling with keeping them happy and amused while being stuck in at home. Thankfully yesterday the sun decided to come out, we all got out in the garden and gave it a good tidy up, and it got so warm (26 degrees) that we all just needed to cool off and have some fun, so it was only right to get the water slide out. Isla seems to really have taken a interest in teaching her little brother things, from riding his scooter "super fast" to helping him learn to pedal on a bike, she's really trying to help him keep up bless her. So when she realised he couldn't climb up the water slide she took it upon herself to help him and show him how, of course Daddy gave some help as well but it didn't take long, we was all sat down and the next thing Arch comes flying down the slide! 

^ I'm so gutted this one was taken on my phone and I tried to capture it again with my camera but it wasn't happening! 

Yesterday has given me such a taste for what Summer is going to be like, I know they are both going to love it so much as they love being outdoors, they always get on so well when playing in the garden. Just a shame it is now pouring down with rain today! Typical, I'm just glad we made the most of it yesterday, and as you can see they had a blast and already cant wait to get the swimming pool up. I cant wait to capture their bond grow over the next few months, in hopefully good weather!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. A fun set of #siblingsproject pictures. Has been so nice to get some sunshine for water play this month. We've been struck with chicken pox in our household recently too! Hope they're all better now.

  2. I had this exact same feeling over the Easter Holidays - preschool is such a needed break sometimes! These are so lovely though, I'm jealous of your water slide haha xx


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