The Accident..

So its been 2 weeks now since Isla's accident, and I am only just starting to feel a bit better about it all and I hope that by getting it off my chest it will help me a bit more. Before I do start I just want to say I am in no way trying to make this out to be the worst thing to happen in the world, I know that there could of been other serious injuries to her and that worse things are happening in the world, but this is just how I felt and am feeling now. Im already in a much better place, but if like me your child has had a accident of course its natural to feel this way, and also incredibly guilty when there is actually nothing that you could of done, it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was just an accident.

Let me take you back to Tuesday 18th April, it had been a lovely day and Isla went back to pre-school after having the 2 weeks off, we was all so ready to get back to normal and Isla was so excited to be going back. She was only doing her half day and so I picked her up and we come home for lunch, I had been feeling a bit tired and poorly so when Daddy got home at 4 I took myself up to bed. Around 5pm he took both children up to the chip shop to get some tea and we all enjoyed that as a treat, both children were incredibly hyper and Isla was asking to go back out on her balance motorbike toy, so Daddy decided to take them over the park and leave me to have a bit of peace and quiet at home. 

They had been gone around half hour when my phone rang, I picked up and immediately knew something was wrong. Isla was screaming and the tone in Perry's voice when he said "I need you over the park now!" so I immediately sat up and threw on some clothes and ran out the door, I just kept going and I honestly don't know how but I did, I ran the whole way until the park was in sight. Not having my contact lenses in I couldn't quite work out where they was but I could make out an adult and child sitting on the grass so I headed over and when I knew it was them I ran towards them. When I got to her she was still crying, blood everywhere - so much of it that I am just glad they was both wearing dark clothing otherwise I think Isla would of freaked out more. I looked in her mouth and immediately cried out 'Nooo' my poor little baby girl was missing her front tooth and another tooth had been pushed right back.

I scooped her up and pretty much ran home cuddling her trying to hold back my tears, they only went to the park and now look at her. We got home and tried phoning some emergency dentists but they was all shut, so we decided to take her to A&E I needed her to be seen, I was so worried she wouldn't eat or drink anymore, she also wasn't talking and only nodding at questions. I was mostly concerned about the pushed back tooth and we wasn't sure what damage had been done to the gums and adult teeth. We was up at the hospital for hours, and finally when we was seen by a doctor he got on the phone to another hospital 30 minutes away and got her booked in for surgery the next morning, we was all exhausted, in shock and upset. The word surgery freaked me out the most, everything was just a blur after that and we finally left the hospital over 4 hours later at gone 11pm. 

My Mum was at our house with Archie and she ended up staying over as we needed to be at the hospital early the next morning for surgery, I got around 4 hours sleep before the dreaded alarm was going off next to me. It was freezing cold at 5:30am, we all got into the car and drove the whole way in silence, both Perry and I still in shock at what was happening and how fast it all escalated. Isla was absolutely amazing at the hospital, I think she helped us the most as she still managed to smile, by now she was had only spoken a couple of words. Getting her to open her mouth to show the surgeon was a bit of a task, but I managed to build her confidence up and she played along nicely, it was confirmed she needed surgery, and the next thing I knew I was signing forms and answering 50 questions all about her. 

She had magic numbing cream put on her hands ready for her cannula, and then it all felt really real. I kept crying and could hardly look at her, I was looking at photos of her smiling on my phone and felt even more worse, probably not the best thing to do but I just wanted to look at my beautiful girls face without it being a odd shape, because of the pushed back tooth she couldn't shut her mouth properly and so her face shape wasn't the same. When the time came for her surgery I chose to go with her as only 1 parent can go down, we walked for ages towards the theatre but thankfully a nurse had given her an iPad to play with, she was so brave the whole time and this really helped me, if she had been crying I think I would of found it a lot harder, she just laid there while they put her cannula in and didn't even flinch when they started injecting the medicine into her hand, within a few seconds her eyes started to close and then she done what they called the 'wiggle' and she was gone, I gave her one last kiss on her little forehead and walked out with tears in my eyes. 

Waiting for her to come out seemed to take forever, the minutes felt like hours and at this point we was able to just sit and think, the past 24 hours had been crazy and we still hadn't got our head around it, just an innocent trip over to the park has resulted in her being in surgery and her looks being changed for the next 2 1/2 - 3 years. The nurse came over and said she was awake and in recovery so I could go down to her, it was such a relief to know she was ok, I sped walked down to the recovery room and found her being cuddled by a nurse as apparently she was fidgeting around so much, I was expecting her to be drowsy and wanting to lay down.... nope, not my child anyway, she wanted to get up and run around, even more so when we got back to the ward, they hadnt even put the brakes on the bed and she was sitting up trying to get down, she wanted to push a dolls pram around but being a bit dozy she was falling all over the place. We managed to get her to lay down with the iPad and soon enough she was offered ice cream and jumped at the chance, I was just so happy that she was wanting to eat and being allowed only soft foods she made the most of the ice cream, jelly and yoghurts! 

After 2 hours we was allowed to start getting ready to leave, she had eaten, drank and done a wee so they was happy for her to leave. The surgeon came up to talk to us about how the surgery went, she ended up having the tooth removed then stitches in her gum and lip. No damage was done to her adult teeth *phew* and we have been told she needs to see the dentist soon, which she will be as its been 2 weeks now. He also said something that really helped us both, he told us that he sees children like Isla every day, having to get teeth removed due to accidents, he told us not to feel guilty, it couldn't of been helped and it won't affect her at all - apart from her looks obviously. It was just an accident and we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it (I think he had seen how much I had been crying earlier that day) but what he said really helped us that day and I will never forget it. 

The first few days were tough, I found it so hard to deal with, and due to the swelling and bruising it all looked a lot worse than it does now. I could hardly sleep at night and when I did her screams would haunt me and I'd wake up in a hot sweat, its a noise that I will never shake off and the blood was also traumatising. But now 2 weeks on I am in such a better place, her mouth has healed so well and her new smile is something we are all adjusting too. She does get a little upset now and again when she sees herself in the mirror, she asks where her teeth have gone and can she have them back, but I explained in a few years some new ones will grow back. Our crazy child is still as crazy, only 2 days after surgery she was running in the lounge and tripped and hit her mouth on the wooden flooring, her gums bled and I immediately screamed fearing her last front tooth had been knocked out but thankfully its still there! It doesn't stop there, since she has cut her lower lip open, swallowed a small toy and has multiple cuts and bruises on her legs... this girl is going to give me a heart attack I'm sure of it. 

We haven't been back to the park since, and Im not entirely sure when we will go again, we have walked past it and she did start talking about her accident so I feel she is coping well with it all. Talking is such a big thing and Im glad she can be honest about it, she is so brave and I can only imagine how worse all of this could of been if she had reacted differently. 

Have any of your children ever had any accidents? How have you coped afterwards - Id love some advise?


  1. Oh bless you! This sounds horrific and every parents worse nightmare! But like you said, these things happen and it was an accident. I'm glad Isla is on the mend now, she's been so brave x

  2. Hi Tara I'm so sorry to hear about Islas accident , my daughter was on a school trip just a regular day and I got a phone call no parent wants to get .. my daughter had been involved in an accident whilst on the school trip .. I got told to prepare myself .. her fingers ( well 2 of them ) got crushed in a wooden door and I was told they are mangled and I instantly felt sick I rushed to the school and waited for her to be dropped of by one of the mums on the school trip.. that wait felt like forever ... she arrived and I instantly went straight to a&e with her not knowing if my little girl was going to loose those fingers and my mind was going mad at all the thoughts flooding through it ... long story short .. she kept her fingers no surgery needed and it took a while for her fingers to heal .. luckily they were not broken ... having to change her dressings and seeing her cry every time broke me and I cried too not because I'm weak but because my baby was suffering and I wasn't there to protect her as she was on the schopl trip ... 2 years on she is fine has full use of her fingers and all that remains are a few dents .. I see it not as a reminder but how lucky she was to have kept her fingers and that accidents happen and there is no blame but you learn to move on and adapt and eventually you learn to forget .. you Isla is still Isla just like my Olivia is still Olivia ... children are all different and that's what makes it unique..... much love Natalie xx

  3. Oh Tara, reading this made me feel so emotional, so I can't even imagine how you felt! She still has a beautiful smile, and you're so right.. accidents always happen! xx

  4. Aww! Bless you. Sending big hugs. My girls are older and have had a fair few accidents. The latest was when my teen fell off her scooter and landed on her face. We ended up at A&E but thankfully nothing was broken.
    I'm glad your girl is on the mend now. She sounds very brave x

  5. Oh hun!! What a horrible thing for you to all go through :( Isla sounds like she's been so brave throughout, she's must have really done to you proud. Big hugs to you all xxx


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