Living Arrows | 26/52

We spent a long weekend at Haven in Great Yarmouth, it was so lovely to just take some time out and spend some quality time together as a family. We didn't capture to much of our break as we all decided it would be best to keep phones at the caravans and occasionally bring out the camera. The difference it made was unbelievable, we all seemed to bond more as a family and I loved watching the kids play whereas I normally would be looking down at my phone scrolling through Instagram etc. 

^ I love this shot I got of my girl, she really is into her flowers at the moment, thankfully she knows to just look and not to pick them! She was admiring the pink flowers, her favourites apparently and it wasn't until afterwards when I looked at this photo, that I realised just how grown up she is looking these days. 

^ This boy loved playing in the sand, this photo was captured as we had all packed up and was walking back to our caravan, but our cheeky boy just had to stop and continue playing whilst occasionally staring at me, giving me the "you can wait for me Mummy, I'm busy playing right now" look. I was left behind waiting for him to finish playing in the sand as you do!

Living Arrows


  1. Oh lovely summery photos. Makes me want to be on holiday #livingarrows

  2. It looks like you had just the best holiday! I need a sandy beach in my life x

  3. I always end up far less of holidays than I plan to. Sometimes experiences feel to precious to share with the world, and it is so nice to 'just be'. You little girl does look so tall and grown up! #LivingArrows


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