Living Arrows | 30/52

We have had a busy week, we decided to give both the children's bedrooms a make over, finallllly giving them some colour instead of just plain white walls. They are no way finished but it was enough to give them a big surprise when they walked into their bedrooms! I love this picture of Archie, he was so excited by his bedroom and immediately climbed into his new big boy bed and said night night! It was so sweet and definitely made the arguments over building flat pack worth it! 

Isla also loved her room but I couldn't help but share this photo of her, we was driving past Lakeside Karting when Daddy came up with the idea of popping in and letting Isla have a go on the children's karts, it was a beautiful day and she had been stuck in the car for an hour so I thought why not. Well as you can tell she LOVED it, Ive never seen her smile and laugh so much and it was definitely a big bonus for Daddy. She had 10 minutes of going round, by the end you could tell she was getting tired but she was also leaning into the corners and getting really good. We cant wait to take her back one day.

Siblings | July

My duo have been very close this past month, we had a mini getaway to Haven for a long weekend and they loved exploring together, they also got to share a room which they have never done before, I love how being in a different place can bring you all together. Archie has also been potty training the past week and it has been so enjoyable watching Isla praise her little brother and helping him, we got her report from nursery as she is now leaving from school and it mentioned how helpful she was towards younger children, she definitely is the best big sister! 

We are about to start the 6 weeks holidays, part of me is looking forward to no routine and nursery runs, but there is a part that is somewhat dreading it. I can only imagine the novelty of them spending time together all day everyday will quickly go, and they will soon be arguing! I'm just trying to plan lots of activities and things to keep us amused, please leave some ideas down below of what we can get up to! 

My Child's Surgery | My Experience & Advise

Isla being put under anaesthetic for surgery this year was a big shock for us, you can read about her accident here, but to cut it short she had a accident in the evening and the first thing the next morning we was up at the hospital waiting for her to have surgery, as you can imagine we didn't have much time to prepare her or ourselves for it. But I hope this may help you with what to expect and ways to make it more of a pleasant experience (if that is even possible) for you and your little one. 

So firstly your going to need to pack a bag for your little one, we knew Isla would only be in for the day so I didnt need to go to crazy. But what I did was 

- Sort out a comfy outfit for travelling to and from the hospital.
- Pack your Childs favourite toy / comforter.
- A pillow, for your child to use or even for yourself as those hospital chairs are so uncomfy! 
- Pyjamas (if overnight stay)
- Slippers / socks as when they are in their gown they will need to walk around.
- A favourite book.
- An iPad .. luckily Isla was given one by the hospital for when she was wheeled down to the surgery room, she was so happy with it and it definitely kept her calm while they was putting the cannula in her hand, so maybe take your own for this time in case your hospital don't provide this. 
- Change for the car park.
- A magazine or book for yourself to read while your little one is having surgery. 

All About The Bride | Wedding Series

So today I am going to be talking about one of the most important things when getting married.... the dress. I know everybody is different when shopping, some like to try multiple shops and shop around, or there are people like me who just stick to one shop and won't leave empty handed! That is exactly what I did back in February 2016, the day before my Birthday to be exact, and it was only 2 days until the wedding being 1 year away! So in my head I had an idea of what I wanted, but I definitely picked the complete opposite to what I imagined. In fact the dress I went for was the 2nd dress I tried on, and I tried on LOADS of dresses, to give a rough idea we was in the shop for over 3 hours so that gives an idea of all the different styles I tried on, from princess cut to fish tails. 

I finally narrowed it down to 2 dresses, but between them both was a £1000 difference in the price! I know you should just go with the one that feels right but I just couldn't justify the price of it for one day, so I went with the second dress. I still loved it and felt emotional in it, the dress I went for was the Lillian West 6410 it is a beautiful dress with amazing detail on it, the top has sequins, pearls and beads on it and the back of the dress is what I loved the most, it meant after the ceremony I could take my veil off and show off another side to my dress, it also glistened beautifully during our first dance and was very comfortable for the whole day. I did have the dress altered as the only way to get into it was from the bottom, I had a seamstress put poppers into one of the shoulder straps and that way I was able to stand into the dress and pull it up. I also needed the dress made shorter, I probably needed a good 4-5 inches off of it! 


I got my veil at the same time as my dress, as I put a deposit down that day they included my veil in free of charge, which saved us a few hundred pounds! It was a beautiful cathedral length veil with lace on the edging in places with little beading details, it complimented my dress beautifully, I did only wear it for the ceremony as it was such a faff to walk around with. We also had a incident of it falling out as we got ready to walk out the ceremony together, which resulted in me pulling it out and throwing it on the floor and then proceeding to walk out leaving it behind! 

Me & Mine | June

June was a stressful month for us, with no luck finding a new home we was getting really panicked, thankfully a week before we needed to leave our landlord had changed her mind and so we were saved! We was all feeling a bit overwhelmed from the emotions and so we booked a last minute break to Haven for a long weekend. We had some much needed family time and the kids had a blast, who knew sleeping in a caravan could be so fun! We stayed at Caister-On-Sea, and the beach was amazing that we made sure we visited it every day while we was there. 

Isla had her 3 settling in sessions at school this month, I think she done well and hopefully doesn't seem too nervous about starting in September. I cant believe how quick it is coming around, we are now focusing on getting her all ready for school, with lots of uniform items to get, and activities to do to prepare her, I'm sure we will be kept busy over the 6 week holidays. I am hoping we can be really busy and make the most of them before she starts school, I know Archie will be so upset when she is gone 5 days a week! 

Archie is growing and talking more and more everyday, he is so confident with everything he does which is great but can also be quite challenging at times. We have been looking at possibly getting him into nursery for a day a week, with Isla starting school he is going to miss her a lot, so one day a week to socialise and be away from Mummy will do him great. He also starts football classes this weekend, we are all so looking forward to watching him go, I think it will be great for him to get active and make some friends, at the moment we have booked him in for 6 weeks to see how he likes it, its mostly independent play at this age and nothing is forced against them, although if he'd love to become a professional football player that would be great too. 

Daddy is still enjoying work, I cant believe its almost been a year of him being at his new job. He really enjoyed our recent break away and we would love to go back again soon. He is so excited to take Archie to his football lessons, and also has enjoyed taking him to gymnastics as well for some father and son time. 

Mummy is feeling a lot better after all the recent stress and worries, we can finally relax and enjoy the rest of this year as a family. I am so excited to be doing the kids bedrooms a makeover at the end of this month too, its about time we made this house a home and now we know we can stay here we can finally make it more cosy. We can focus on holidays and getting things booked, we can just relax so much I cant even explain how much better we all feel now the stress has been lifted. Onwards and upwards from now on! 

The Me and Mine Project