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So today I am going to be talking about one of the most important things when getting married.... the dress. I know everybody is different when shopping, some like to try multiple shops and shop around, or there are people like me who just stick to one shop and won't leave empty handed! That is exactly what I did back in February 2016, the day before my Birthday to be exact, and it was only 2 days until the wedding being 1 year away! So in my head I had an idea of what I wanted, but I definitely picked the complete opposite to what I imagined. In fact the dress I went for was the 2nd dress I tried on, and I tried on LOADS of dresses, to give a rough idea we was in the shop for over 3 hours so that gives an idea of all the different styles I tried on, from princess cut to fish tails. 

I finally narrowed it down to 2 dresses, but between them both was a £1000 difference in the price! I know you should just go with the one that feels right but I just couldn't justify the price of it for one day, so I went with the second dress. I still loved it and felt emotional in it, the dress I went for was the Lillian West 6410 it is a beautiful dress with amazing detail on it, the top has sequins, pearls and beads on it and the back of the dress is what I loved the most, it meant after the ceremony I could take my veil off and show off another side to my dress, it also glistened beautifully during our first dance and was very comfortable for the whole day. I did have the dress altered as the only way to get into it was from the bottom, I had a seamstress put poppers into one of the shoulder straps and that way I was able to stand into the dress and pull it up. I also needed the dress made shorter, I probably needed a good 4-5 inches off of it! 


I got my veil at the same time as my dress, as I put a deposit down that day they included my veil in free of charge, which saved us a few hundred pounds! It was a beautiful cathedral length veil with lace on the edging in places with little beading details, it complimented my dress beautifully, I did only wear it for the ceremony as it was such a faff to walk around with. We also had a incident of it falling out as we got ready to walk out the ceremony together, which resulted in me pulling it out and throwing it on the floor and then proceeding to walk out leaving it behind! 


I went for the rainbow club brand of shoes, I ordered them from John Lewis in the sale as they luckily had my size. I didn't want massive heels, well if Im honest I wanted flats originally but settled for these after finding them. I loved the ankle strap as it gave me the security of them not coming flying off, also the lace detail on the front was really elegant as well and I have to say they was SO comfortable, I wore them from around 12:20pm to 12:30am and they only started hurting around 45 mins before I took them off! I also have wide feet and again these shoes were perfect, they also had a lovely detail of a blue diamond on the underneath of them for my 'something blue' which was a nice touch. 


My bouquet was one of my worries, what I originally wanted the florist advised against once she see a photo of my dress. She advised me on some alternatives and as she was experienced I trusted her, we went for white tulips and white roses in my bouquet with diamond details on some of the roses to add some sparkle. She also added in some green leaves to give it some colour, it was so beautiful, the only downside was it weighed a tonne! My arms were literally aching by the end of our formal photos, I was glad to put it down in the end. 


My headband was my 'something borrowed' from a lovely family friend, it was by the brand Jon Richard and it was just the touch I needed for my hair. As my dress was so sparkly with a lot going on, I didnt want anything to big on my head, this was just enough to add some sparkle. I also had a diamant√© band going across the top of my bun on the back of my head, this also gave some sparkle from the back of me to go with my sparkly dress. My jewellery set was from T K Maxx, it was a necklace and earrings set and reasonably priced, Id recommend looking in their for sets without paying huge prices. Again this just added some sparkle and helped me to not feel 'naked' in my dress, I decided against a bracelet as I didn't want it catching on my dress. 

Lastly was my garter, I ordered this one from eBay and its perfect, its good quality, personalised, matched our theme colour and doubled up as a 'something blue'. It was on the more pricey side compared to the non personalised versions, but its made a lovely keep sake that we can keep forever (is that weird) and the Husband loved it too. It was available in many other colours or just plain white, and it could come gift boxed as well so could make a nice gift to a Bride. My ring set was from Ernest Jones, it is a platinum set and was new as my old engagement ring had worn down so much so I was very lucky to be treated to a new set that matched as well. 


  1. Your dress was absolutely stunning - you looked radiant.

    I love that you got married on the 25th, the 25th is always a lucky day for my husband and I. Our own Birthdays are on the 25th too!

  2. Ah so lovely. Gorgeous dress too x

  3. Beautiful dress and accessories, congratulation x

  4. Loving your wedding day outfit. All th details are darling and very delicate, right down to your bouquet.

  5. Utterly beautiful dress, you look stunning in it too x


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