Living Arrows | 30/52

We have had a busy week, we decided to give both the children's bedrooms a make over, finallllly giving them some colour instead of just plain white walls. They are no way finished but it was enough to give them a big surprise when they walked into their bedrooms! I love this picture of Archie, he was so excited by his bedroom and immediately climbed into his new big boy bed and said night night! It was so sweet and definitely made the arguments over building flat pack worth it! 

Isla also loved her room but I couldn't help but share this photo of her, we was driving past Lakeside Karting when Daddy came up with the idea of popping in and letting Isla have a go on the children's karts, it was a beautiful day and she had been stuck in the car for an hour so I thought why not. Well as you can tell she LOVED it, Ive never seen her smile and laugh so much and it was definitely a big bonus for Daddy. She had 10 minutes of going round, by the end you could tell she was getting tired but she was also leaning into the corners and getting really good. We cant wait to take her back one day.

Living Arrows


  1. wow love the bedroom makeover it looks awesome!

  2. Aww yay, I cannot wait to finally give our two a bedroom makeover! Love Archie's bedding especially x

  3. I wish my 2 1/2 year old would say the same about her new bedroom. She is refusing to sleep in it altogether the last week now. Looks like we have to go down a different route as she can't sleep with us every single night. #livingarrows


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