Siblings | July

My duo have been very close this past month, we had a mini getaway to Haven for a long weekend and they loved exploring together, they also got to share a room which they have never done before, I love how being in a different place can bring you all together. Archie has also been potty training the past week and it has been so enjoyable watching Isla praise her little brother and helping him, we got her report from nursery as she is now leaving from school and it mentioned how helpful she was towards younger children, she definitely is the best big sister! 

We are about to start the 6 weeks holidays, part of me is looking forward to no routine and nursery runs, but there is a part that is somewhat dreading it. I can only imagine the novelty of them spending time together all day everyday will quickly go, and they will soon be arguing! I'm just trying to plan lots of activities and things to keep us amused, please leave some ideas down below of what we can get up to! 

^ I love this photo of them that we managed to capture, we walked in on them having a snuggle on the sofa watching videos on Daddy's phone!

I cant believe that in September my big girl will be starting school, I do feel anxious how they will both cope, I know it is only until 3pm but I worry Archie will feel lonely, he's always had Isla by his side, I'm hoping that I can keep him amused and he will enjoy our quality time together, I'm so excited to take him swimming lessons, soft play and do all the things I did with Isla that I haven't been able to do with him. We are also signing him up for 3 hours of nursery a week, so he will have that to look forward to as well. For now I'm looking forward to enjoying the summer with my little two and hopefully making lots of enjoyable memories together. 

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. I bet they loved sharing a room! My two love chatting before they go to bed, it's so sweet to listen to! LOVE that first picture of them xx

  2. Aww, they look like they have a lovely relationship. Toby starts school in September too and although I'm sure Gabe and I will miss him I'm looking forward to a bit of one on one time with my littlest too. #SiblingsProject


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