The Groom & Groomsmen | Wedding Series

So today's blog post is all about the men, wit whooo. To start with we knew we would be hiring every body's suits, we had such a range of tall, short, and different body shapes to put it nicely, that meant buying them all would just be too difficult and hard to find in all the right sizes. We wanted grey suits to go with our theme, and so we began looking online at places to rent suits from. 

We ended up going with Moss Bros, thinking that they had quite a good reputation etc, but I was wrong, oh so very wrong. We went in and the men were not helpful at all and didn't really show us much or let Perry try anything on. So we just picked some colours that we thought would go and left the store with all the paper work. Having family and friends that lived near the Lakeside store we went in so they could get sized up, the women took one look at our paperwork and asked what on earth was going on, she said the wrong shirts had been put down (we wanted cravats and not ties) and that the colours for the Groom should match the bride (ivory) so she kindly re done it all for us. We had a package of jacket, trousers, shirts, ties or cravats, waist coat and handkerchiefs and having paid half up front I'm just glad that the women fixed it all for us. The day before the wedding we go into our local store to pick up the suits, we get there and the man instantly looked confused, he went out back and after 10 minutes returns with NO suits. In a panic he calls to find out they hadn't even left the main warehouse, so here we are the day before we get married, an hour before Perry needs to leave to stay at the Best Mans house an hour away and we have no suits for him to take with him. The man then says about getting them delivered the next day hopefully before 1pm!? Our wedding was booked for 1:30pm, by this stage I'm feeling sick and panicked, not exactly what the Bride needs before her big day. Thankfully a manager called and arranged for them to be instantly couriered to the Best Mans house and they did arrive to him a few hours later thankfully, they didn't charge us for the other half of the suits as a apology I guess, but I definitely would have my reservations if your thinking of booking with them. 

Living Arrows | 34/52

What a week we have had, its been jam packed and its put me on a massive high because we have done so much, I don't have that feeling that we have wasted any time like I mostly do. I cant believe we have less than 2 weeks now until the big one starts school! She's at a kids club this week, but from next week we will be winding down and starting to get back on a earlier schedule in preparation for the start of term, as well as labelling all her uniform (yep I haven't done it yet) but otherwise I am feeling quite prepared. I took this photo of her the other day, the sun was in my eyes so it was just a snap and go, until later on when I had a look and I realised just how grown up and beautiful she looked. 

On Sunday evening we visited the pier, they was offering free rides and fireworks which is just amazing! What would of cost us over £20 in tokens for rides we got for free, the kids could go on what they wanted and some more than once, it was such a good evening all round and everyone was buzzing. We headed outside at 9:30pm to watch the firework display, and the reaction from Arch was priceless, he was so fascinated and excited by the fireworks. Squealing with delight, clapping his hands and just looking in awe I found myself watching him more than the fireworks. 

Living Arrows

My Little Piccolo Giveaway!

Weaning was always one of my favourite stages when my 2 were 6 months old, watching them explore new tastes and textures was so exciting. With both of ours we did a bit of combination weaning, both purees and BLW which we all really loved, not so much the mess though! While on the go our go to things were pouches, especially fruit ones which my 2 still love today at the grand ole age of 4 and 2! I keep a few fruit pouches in the fridge and they make a quick snack, whilst at home or on the go, they are even great for when its hot to cool them down after they've been in the fridge/freezer for a while. 

Recently My Little Piccolo got in touch and sent the children some of their new flavours, as you can tell they both loved them! They are all organic, provide new & exciting flavours for your baby to try and 10% of the profits go to food education charities! With stage 1 & 2 pouches, you will always find a pouch suitable for your little one depending on what stage of their weaning journey they are on, available in most supermarkets you can pick them up easily too. 

So on that note I am happy to be giving away a big box of pouches to 1 lucky reader for your little one to enjoy some of the new and exciting flavours that My Little Piccolo have to offer. Just simply enter down below to be in with a chance of winning! 

- Open to UK residents only.
- Must be over the age of 18 years old.
- Winner has 30 days to respond before a new winner is picked. 

Living Arrows | 33/52

I'm going to be honest, these holidays have been tough, I think with Arch being older than he was last year its a lot more work trying to keep 2 amused and wear them out at the same time. Don't get me wrong the lazy mornings have been heaven, but by late afternoon I find myself running out of patience. Just another 3 weeks to go, and my big Girl is starting school and that means a whole new routine. 

On Monday we headed out for a bike ride, a whole 8.2 miles! We've really enjoyed getting out on our bikes this summer and exploring new places.. don't worry we don't make the littles ride that far, they sit in a trailer and poor Daddy has to pull them! We found a beautiful spot not far from us and you pretty much just cycle off road around this hugeeeee pond? I loved this picture I snapped of Arch doing what he does best, being wild and exploring the outdoors. 

On the weekend we took a spontaneous sea side trip to Walton, it may have rained really heavily the whole time but we made the most of it and played in the arcades on the pier, which is all under cover thankfully, Isla absolutely loves horses and every time she walks by this giant horse she always insists on sitting on it, I probably should compare all the photos of her on this over the years! 

Living Arrows

Hair & Make-Up | Wedding Series

In this post I will be talking about the hair and make up for me, my bridesmaid and the flower girls. We was very lucky that a family friend is a hair dresser and she offered to do our hair for us, I had a trial with her around a month before the big day, I knew all along she would be doing it so there was no rush to do the trial. With my hair being so thick I didn't want to have it down as any style (curling) just doesn't hold long at all, I also didn't want my hair to cover the detail on my dress. I really hate my hair being up but I came round to the idea, I showed her a few ideas and let her get creative with my hair. If I'm honest I wasn't really fussed at all about my hair, as long as it wasn't annoying me it could of been tied up in a black bag for all I cared! I wanted the front to be quite loose and to sweep across the side of my face, as to be honest with my hair straight up in a bun I look like the horrid headmistress out of Matilda! To give me a bit of comfort we kept a couple bits of hair down and curled them, just so I didn't feel so exposed with my hair being up. The back of my hair was in a bun with curls on top that looked a bit like flowers, its so impressive how it all got up so neatly with the amount of hair I have, even the make up artist was impressed. 

My Bridesmaid also had her hair up, she has shoulder length hair but the hair dresser was able to get it up and it looked amazing! She also had some lovely detail on the top of her dress so it was nice that this could be showed off as well. Lastly the flower girls had matching hair styles, little plaits going back either side of their heads, I also bought some little flowers from Claire's Accessories so they had 3 each at the back and to finish it off their hair was straightened. They looked so adorable with the matching hair styles, thankfully it all worked out as they all never had any trials before the day! 

Living Arrows | 31/52

We are getting full swing into the holidays now, its so lovely to have a break from routine and nursery runs, unfortunately the weather for the first week has been miserable and so we've been home a lot. Archie loves playing with his car cars they are by far his favourite toy, he has SO many that we lined them all up too see which colour he had the most of (turns out to be red) and then I had an idea, why not create a rainbow out of his cars as he is our rainbow baby, so here is our Rainbow baby surrounded by his favourite toys! - and these are not all of his cars either ahh.

We did eventually venture out on Friday, we went on a 7 mile bike ride - don't worry we didn't make the children bike that far, they had the luxury of a pull along trailer that they sat in! We found a recently built playground and so of course the kids had to go on, even when it was raining a little. Isla was unsure about walking across this bridge, but I knew she could do it and so I stood close as she did it all by herself, it was so lovely to see the happiness on her face afterwards, and hopefully a lesson that she can do these things even if she feels she cant, I'm so proud she tried. 

Living Arrows