Hair & Make-Up | Wedding Series

In this post I will be talking about the hair and make up for me, my bridesmaid and the flower girls. We was very lucky that a family friend is a hair dresser and she offered to do our hair for us, I had a trial with her around a month before the big day, I knew all along she would be doing it so there was no rush to do the trial. With my hair being so thick I didn't want to have it down as any style (curling) just doesn't hold long at all, I also didn't want my hair to cover the detail on my dress. I really hate my hair being up but I came round to the idea, I showed her a few ideas and let her get creative with my hair. If I'm honest I wasn't really fussed at all about my hair, as long as it wasn't annoying me it could of been tied up in a black bag for all I cared! I wanted the front to be quite loose and to sweep across the side of my face, as to be honest with my hair straight up in a bun I look like the horrid headmistress out of Matilda! To give me a bit of comfort we kept a couple bits of hair down and curled them, just so I didn't feel so exposed with my hair being up. The back of my hair was in a bun with curls on top that looked a bit like flowers, its so impressive how it all got up so neatly with the amount of hair I have, even the make up artist was impressed. 

My Bridesmaid also had her hair up, she has shoulder length hair but the hair dresser was able to get it up and it looked amazing! She also had some lovely detail on the top of her dress so it was nice that this could be showed off as well. Lastly the flower girls had matching hair styles, little plaits going back either side of their heads, I also bought some little flowers from Claire's Accessories so they had 3 each at the back and to finish it off their hair was straightened. They looked so adorable with the matching hair styles, thankfully it all worked out as they all never had any trials before the day! 

Make Up

I came across a make up artist in a wedding group on Facebook, as soon as I see her work I was like wow I need this women to do mine! My lucky stars must of been looking down as she was based near Stansted and covered our area! I immediately contacted her and got a trial booked and my wedding date pencilled in, I kind of knew what I wanted and explained it to her, she got going and I was so impressed with the trial, the make up lasted all day and into the evening, we actually went to watch the fireworks as it was bonfire night and it was still amazing when I got home all wind swept. She was at my venue already on the day with everything set up, and as soon as my make up was done I felt so much better! I went for a natural look, with warm tones on my eyes, a slight blush and contour on my cheeks and a lovely shade of pink on my lips, I wish I knew the exact shade! To complete the look I had false eyelashes put on, and I'm so glad I did as in our wedding photos you can really see them and they did help! She finished off with a good setting spray and then it was my bridesmaids turn, she also went for a very natural look and looked absolutely beautiful! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful. That's one regret I had for my wedding day. I booked a professional make up artist and then cancelled because some offered to pay for my hair and makeup, but they were not professional. My hair was great, my makeup was awful. She forgot eyebrows and blusher. Thankfully my sister was at hand!

  2. Your hair and make up is beautiful you look stunning.I had my hair done professionally and a family member who was a qualified beautition did my make you I had false eyelashes and I'm glad I did as a glasses wearer.

  3. Im obsessed with wedding posts! Your hair and make up looked absolutely gorgeous, I think I'd have my make up tones very similar. #foreverweddingbroody #whenwillitbemyturn haha xx

  4. You look beautiful, lovely make up. Congrats! Love your dress too.


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