Living Arrows | 34/52

What a week we have had, its been jam packed and its put me on a massive high because we have done so much, I don't have that feeling that we have wasted any time like I mostly do. I cant believe we have less than 2 weeks now until the big one starts school! She's at a kids club this week, but from next week we will be winding down and starting to get back on a earlier schedule in preparation for the start of term, as well as labelling all her uniform (yep I haven't done it yet) but otherwise I am feeling quite prepared. I took this photo of her the other day, the sun was in my eyes so it was just a snap and go, until later on when I had a look and I realised just how grown up and beautiful she looked. 

On Sunday evening we visited the pier, they was offering free rides and fireworks which is just amazing! What would of cost us over £20 in tokens for rides we got for free, the kids could go on what they wanted and some more than once, it was such a good evening all round and everyone was buzzing. We headed outside at 9:30pm to watch the firework display, and the reaction from Arch was priceless, he was so fascinated and excited by the fireworks. Squealing with delight, clapping his hands and just looking in awe I found myself watching him more than the fireworks. 

Living Arrows


  1. Oh wow, we never see fireworks at this time of year but they look amazing - and she sure does look grown up! x

  2. Such a brave boy to watch the fireworks. Mine would be so scared and I was the same as a child. #livingarrows


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