First Trimester | Weeks 6 - 11 | Baby #3

So I thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms with you all, we found out at 6 weeks that we was expecting baby #3 and that was purely based on me having no symptoms whatsoever. We have not long suffered a loss at 10.5 weeks and so my body has been all over the place and this also led me to wait so long before testing! Ive tried to keep notes on how I have been feeling recently.

6 Weeks Pregnant 
- We found out! 
- Peeing more often then normal.
- A few spots on my forehead.
- Craving tuna, mayo and sweetcorn sub rolls.

7 Weeks Pregnant 
- Boobs have got bigger / hurt sometimes.
- When I get hungry I feel sick.
- Oh the headaches...
- Still peeing for England.
- Spots are still here *yay* -.-
- Really tired, falling asleep on the sofa most early evenings!

8 Weeks Pregnant
- Super tired and emotional.
- Starting to get hungry quite often.
- Oh the bloat...
- Met my One to One Midwife for the first time, bloods were taken.

9 Weeks Pregnant 
- Hungry.. actually no.. starving every 2-3 hours.
- Boobs are so sensitive and painful some days.
- Headaches.
- Ive gained 1lb. 
- Skin has cleared up a bit. 
- Can smell everything so strongly. 
- We heard the heartbeat on the doppler! 
- I feel so sick sometimes, have gagged while eating dinner too. 

10 Weeks Pregnant 
- I was sick for the first time, this then got worse. 
- Super tired and falling asleep early in the evenings.
- Pulled muscle in my back from being sick. 
- Feeling generally rubbish and not myself.

11 Weeks Pregnant
- Still being sick, so bad I've had nosebleeds!
- Headaches.
- Still really bad spots on my forehead and chin area.
- Been in bed as much as I can be.
- We had our 12 week scan (12+2), I then got put 4 days behind which brought me back into the 11th week again, but I was expecting this to happen. 

You can read about my 6 - 11 weeks of pregnancy with Archie to compare here


  1. So so happy for you guys <3 I remember the first tri symptoms all too well! xo

  2. Oh my goodness this brings back SO many memories of my first trimester with this pregnancy! I'm still constantly eating now haha xx

  3. Aww, there are so many rubbish pregnancy symptoms in the first few months and most people feel they need to stay quiet about them! Tough times

  4. Ah how exciting! Congratulations! My baby number 3 is turning 1 tomorrow - so excited! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes by without too many negative symptoms! x

  5. Congratulations! I knew I was pregnant first time because I was craving Parma ham on pizza, almost to the point of obsession! It is so strange how our bodies behave!

  6. Oh that does takes me back in time x

  7. Aw congratulations I am so pleased for you. When I was early pregnant I loved reading up on all the most popular symptoms. X

  8. Such an exciting time, congrats to you all. I can't wait to find out whether you're bump girl or bump boy. Sickness is horrendous though and I hope it eases a little for you babe.


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