It's A... | Baby #3

On Sunday we had a private gender scan, something we have done every single pregnancy as I am just way too impatient to wait until 20 weeks! I also think its lovely to see baby again in between the standard 12 and 20 week scans as it can be a long wait! Everything was absolutely perfect with baby, the sonographer checked over baby and it was lovely to see the brain, heart, lungs etc and she just did a overall check of the baby making sure it had 2 arms and legs and all things like that. We also got to see a sneak peak of baby in 4D which was so lovely, the baby had its leg sticking up and pushing out! My bladder was so full though so after a while she let me go and have a wee thankfully as I was about to burst! 

When I came back it was time to go looking for baby's gender, something I was so anxious about this time and we also had Isla with us too as she was excited to find out. So we found out that we are completing our little family with a baby......


  1. Ah such lovely news! Congratulations lovely xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! We are all so excited xx

  2. Oh my gosh amazing news!! A little buddy for Archie! Congratulations my lovely xx

  3. Oh yay another little boy. Congrats. Love he photo as well xx

  4. Congrats. I miss your videos.

  5. Are you going to do any more YouTube videos x


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