Me & Mine | February 2018

Ah February what a month you have been, we've had some major lows to start with but have ended on some massive highs. February was a difficult month for me as we had my Brother's funeral, a day that will stay with me forever, a day that still hurts to think about now. But we have ended the month with my Birthday, our 1st Wedding Anniversary and with loads of white stuff which of course had to be in our family photos to mark this month! We had the best time all playing out in the snow, the kids loved it and its seriously making me consider booking a skiing holiday next year! I am desperate to go skiing again some day and take my little tribe with me so they can experience it too. Hidden under many layers is a 32 week bump in this photo! We are looking forward to getting bits ready for our new arrival next month, the weeks seem to be flying by now.

Joie Litetrax 4 Pushchair

Around a year ago I was on the hunt for a new pushchair for Archie, we was using a Maclaren Techno XT which was also Isla's, although we loved it he was just to tall for a umbrella type pram, his feet would drag on the floor and being under 2 I knew I would still need a pushchair for him for a little while, but we also didnt want to spend loads. On one of many online hunts on all shops possible I came across the Joie Litetrax 4, I was immediately drawn to it and read some more information on it. So we ended up getting it from Argos in the colour Chromium. 

It was EXACTLY what I was looking for...
  • The seat was higher up from the ground so no feet can drag on the floor, and he can now reach to push the traffic light crossing buttons! (his favourite thing to do!)
  • A bar style handle so it can be pushed easily 1 handed while also holding my daughters hand.
  • A parent tray with 2 cup holders and a compartment for my phone and keys. 
  • A huge basket, which is perfect when you have 2 children and don't drive.
  • Folds super easy with 1 hand, folds down very slim line also.
  • A removable bumper bar.
  • Extendable hood to keep the sun out of your child's face.
  • Adjustable calf support.
  • 4 recline positions, one of which is flat.
  • Single step brake system.
  • Automatic fold lock. 
  • Can get a foot muff to match it, and also can be used with a carry cot or car seat!
  • Lastly it didn't break the bank either at £149.99.

30 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #3

30 Weeks + 6 Days

Monday 23rd April 2018

Definitely a Boy! 

Baby is growing closer to 17 inches, the size of a cantaloupe and probably weighs around 3.5lbs. By this stage most babies will be starting to turn to the position ready for birth - head down. The lanugo that has been keeping baby warm will be starting to fall off this week as baby starts putting on enough fat to keep themselves warm. The eyes are in place but are still developing, at around week 34 the vision will probably be as strong as it will be at birth.

I seem to have gained a few pounds all of a sudden, which is to be expected as baby is just filling out now, so I don't think I am going to get back on the scales until nearer my due date now.

Acid reflux has been pretty awful this week, I get it most nights as soon as I lay down to go to sleep. My SPD has been bad which surprised me as Isla has been off school this past week so Ive not had to do the school runs, I also now have sciatica on my right side! I'm shocked I've only just got it so far in this pregnancy but my is it very painful. I also have some new stretch marks on my lower sides (hips). 

Using The Namey App To Help Name Our Baby*

I'm going to be honest, trying to think of a name this time round has been the hardest yet, typical as we had a girls name picked out from the start of this pregnancy! But this time we have really struggled with finding the right name, its taken us a long time (well for us anyway) but we finally have a name for this baby boy! Thanks to the Namey app we have been able to research so many names, find out the meanings - which this time round has been a small factor of choosing a name with this being a Rainbow baby and also after the loss of my brother very recently, so I was quite keen to see what the meaning behind the names that we liked were. It was also pretty fun being able to look up what all of our names meant and where they originated from too. You can also explore the top 10 trending boys and girls names as this can also be a factor when choosing a name as well, nobody wants to have more of the same name in their Childs classes at school! I feel so confident that this is the name for our baby boy now and I cant wait to meet him, its been so nice being able to call him a name like he's a real person now, also the children are getting to bond with him and associate the name with my bump which is nice. I honestly thought at one point we wouldn't have a name for bump and he would be born with no name, which is totally fine of course but we have always been prepared with a couple name options before our previous 2 were born. Have you always been prepared with a name or waited until baby was born?

The Namey app is available to download via the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for IOS for free, or a premium version is also available to download at 0.99p and this is the version I have been using. Namey is the only baby naming app available that uses artificial intelligence and algorithmic matching to suggest names that are highly relevant to the user, making it a unique experience for everyone! Simply enter your family names - which was great as it would suggest names that will go with your older children names, your desired origin, first letter of the name (if you had a preference) and the app will return to you its suggestions based on what you selected. This was really fun to do as at one point we wanted both boys to have a name starting with 'A' so it was interesting to see what the app suggested for us. 

28 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #3

28 weeks + 6 Days

Monday 23rd April 2018


Baby is almost 16 inches tall and weighs around 2.5lb. Babies wrinkles are starting to disappear as he packs on the healthy fat he needs. Baby is starting to have a sleep cycle and can even have dreams, he also is coughing and practising breathing ready for life on the outside. 

So my Midwife came over on Thursday, my blood pressure was fine, urine was fine, babies heartbeat was all good. She measured my bump for the first time and it was measuring at 25 weeks, at the moment we aren't too concerned but will see what happens at my next appointment in 3 weeks time and how its measuring then. I said I had noticed babies movements had been a bit quiet and not the same the last 3 days so she got another midwife to come over with the monitor and she monitored me at home, after 22 minutes on the machine it was happy with its readings. She took some blood work and scheduled to come and see me again tomorrow to give me my anti - D injection. I also need to ring the doctors to get my whooping cough injection booked in.