Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday 25th February we celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary! How quick did that year go!? You can read all about our big day here for a catch up, I have to say its one of my favourite posts I've done. We didn't go to crazy as I am pregnant, so our original plans of always wanting to go snow skiing were definitely not suitable anymore! Instead we booked to stay at a hotel for the night, we have been to this one before having kids so it was lovely to come back again for our Anniversary, we stayed at Dunston Hall in Norwich which isn't too far from us, its a beautiful place and it also has a swimming pool so I definitely made use of this to ease my pregnancy aches and pains. 

The Saturday was actually my 25th Birthday so we spent most of the day with the kids before dropping them off to my parents and heading off, we checked in to our room and collapsed on the bed, its just so typical that you go away and all you want to do is just laze in the room in peace and quiet, I had a bath and washed my hair ready to go out for dinner that night. We headed into Norwich centre and was hoping to go to Nando's for dinner but the queue was out the door! Being a hungry grumpy pregnant lady I was not waiting, so instead we headed to Pizza Hut, hardly the most romantic place but still, cookie dough to share was pretty epic. We went back to the hotel after stopping at Tesco to get some goodies and basically spent the rest of the night in bed cuddled up with no children keep walking in declaring they need a wee or more milk, it was pure bliss. 

We woke up Sunday morning cuddled up and exchanged cards, we also opened all our cards we had been getting in the post that week from family and friends, we went for breakfast which was amazing, I definitely indulged in this! We then went for a swim and I even got in the hot tub, the water wasn't much hotter than I have in the bath and I limited myself to under 10 minutes, it was so nice to chill out and relax. We was just in awe at how we had been married for a whole year and what was we doing this time last year etc. Its amazing what a bit of alone time can do for your relationship, we was able to connect with each other properly instead of just being Mum and Dad. Of course we missed the kids and kept talking about them the whole time but I knew they was having a blast with my parents. 

We checked out from our hotel and headed back home, we decided to go shopping in our town as I had some birthday money to spend, which I was determined to spend some on myself for once, so I ended up buying some nursing bras and tops and some bits for after delivery - totally still counts for being for me right? We had Five Guys for lunch, which seems to have become a Anniversary tradition as we had it for our 7 year anniversary back in August, and that was the last time, maybe it will be our thing now. We then headed to my Mums so we could take the kids out on their quad bikes and then finished off the day with one of my Mums roast dinners and a birthday cake for me as we didn't get to do it the day before! 

It was definitely a low key 1st Anniversary but we still had some lovely quality time together, maybe another year we can go snow skiing instead like we wanted too. I didn't really take many photos from our weekend away as we was just living in the moment, but I still wanted to document this as no doubt in a few years we will have completely forgot what we did! 

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