We Are Konfidence Baby Swimologists 2018 + Win A £50 Konfidence Voucher!

So you could say that we are a big water family, we are lucky enough to live near some beautiful beaches which means we also have a boat and jet bike. We spend 90% of our summer on the beach or out on the water and so swimming to us is such a important skill for our children to learn as well as the safety side of it. Our eldest started swimming lessons when she was just a few months old, she loved it and I believe its given her such a positive attitude towards swimming and being in the water, our second baby was born in a birthing pool so he was a water baby from birth you could say, and he absolutely loves the water.. so much so he has no fear whatsoever! When we was recently asked to become a swimologist for Konfidence for the latest addition to our family, how could we say no! We are so excited to be involved as part of the baby swimologists for 2018, and what a year to be involved as this summer they also celebrate 20 years of their award winning product the Konfidence swim jacket. 

Konfidence is the UK and Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of baby and children safety and swimwear, they now provide partners and customers in over 40 countries worldwide. They provide a range of swim wear, wet suits, swimming nappies, buoyancy aids for babies, children and even adults, they offer everything you need for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience. We have used some of their products in the past and cant rate them enough, I know I'm not alone when I say that I would highly recommend Konfidence products. 

Siblings | April 2018

I have been waiting so long for this moment, my first sibling post with my 3 beautiful children all together! Our latest and final addition arrived in the world on the 10th April, at 11:56pm and he was not hanging around either! I think he was way to excited to come out and join the chaos of our crazy household, and meet his older Brother and Sister. I keep sitting here thinking about the moment we surprised them with their new baby Brother, we asked them to shut their eyes and then Daddy brought him in and when they opened their eyes they was so excited and happy, Isla literally did not stop smiling... in fact Ive never seen her smile so much in all her life, she was beaming from ear to ear and immediately fell in love, she of course went straight into her mothering mode and wanted to hold him and look after him. Arch on the other hand was a lot more chilled, he wanted to hold him and see him but it was short lived, he was back to playing with his trains within 10 minutes. Both of them have adjusted really well to having a baby in the house, don't get me wrong they've definitely been trying to push the boundaries and have been testing us, but towards the baby they are so in love with him. 

Jax | 1 Week Update

This first week has flown by, between family wanting to come and meet Jax and all the appointments to go to and midwives coming to the house we haven't stopped! Jax was weighed at day 5 and had only a 5% drop in weight which was absolutely perfect, they allow up to 10%. He had only lost 4oz so was weighing in at 6lb 1oz, we had a an issue with feeding a couple days ago as my milk didn't seem to be coming in and it also wasn't coming out when breastfeeding or pumping, it meant our little man got terribly hungry and was beginning to shake/vibrate due to his blood sugar levels dropping, so the poor Husband had a 1am dash to Tesco for formula as there was nothing I could do anymore and my body was failing, queue the almighty emotional breakdown from me, but I believe fed is best, fast forward 2 days and I have been able to pump milk for Jax to have 2 breast milk feeds a day and the rest is formula. Otherwise Jax has been doing great, he's slotted in to our family so well and so far doesn't seem to mind the chaos and noise of his older siblings, his cord is still on, he also has a bit of jaundice but nothing to major, we have been trying to get him out in the natural light when we can and so far it seems to be doing the trick. He is drinking 2-3 oz of milk every 2 hours, although he does have longer stretches at night time so only gets us up 1 - 2 times which I think is brilliant considering he's only a week old. 


I am over the moon to announce the safe arrival of our baby boy, after a very anxious last few days of pregnancy and almost losing him during delivery, we are both safe and well. I took some time out to recover and enjoy the newborn bubble, but I am so excited to finally share him on here and catch up with the posts I need to do! So without further a do, introducing....

Jax Adam 
6lb 5oz