Jax | 1 Week Update

This first week has flown by, between family wanting to come and meet Jax and all the appointments to go to and midwives coming to the house we haven't stopped! Jax was weighed at day 5 and had only a 5% drop in weight which was absolutely perfect, they allow up to 10%. He had only lost 4oz so was weighing in at 6lb 1oz, we had a an issue with feeding a couple days ago as my milk didn't seem to be coming in and it also wasn't coming out when breastfeeding or pumping, it meant our little man got terribly hungry and was beginning to shake/vibrate due to his blood sugar levels dropping, so the poor Husband had a 1am dash to Tesco for formula as there was nothing I could do anymore and my body was failing, queue the almighty emotional breakdown from me, but I believe fed is best, fast forward 2 days and I have been able to pump milk for Jax to have 2 breast milk feeds a day and the rest is formula. Otherwise Jax has been doing great, he's slotted in to our family so well and so far doesn't seem to mind the chaos and noise of his older siblings, his cord is still on, he also has a bit of jaundice but nothing to major, we have been trying to get him out in the natural light when we can and so far it seems to be doing the trick. He is drinking 2-3 oz of milk every 2 hours, although he does have longer stretches at night time so only gets us up 1 - 2 times which I think is brilliant considering he's only a week old. 

He is wearing tiny baby clothing and we had to buy him micro size 0 nappies as the 1s were way too big for him! He is just so petite and dinky, even though at birth Isla only weighed a few more ounces than him, she had chunky thighs and overall was bigger but Jax is just tiny bless him. He has blue eyes, and brown hair but you can see some blonde that is starting to come in so I think he will take after his older 2 siblings and get the blonde hair. All 3 babies have basically come out as a mini Daddy.. typical isn't it, you carry them for 9 months and once they are born you just get the comments on how much they look like their Dad. He is starting to be a lot more alert and awake during the day which is nice, he happily just lays and looks around taking it all in, he only really cries when he is hungry or if we are getting him changed, fingers crossed he stays so chilled. 

We are taking him for his newborn photos in a couple of days which I am so excited about, I normally try and take my own but I knew how tired and stressed I would be feeling as it is so we booked a professional, and I am so glad we did as so far I don't feel like I've had 5 minutes to myself let alone the pressure to get the photos on top. We are also getting him registered this week and we also need to get his passport photos done, will the craziness ever end or is this just the beginning of the many appointments and things on my to do list that I will never complete... 

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